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I Am Not Raising a “Rapist’s Baby” … I Am Raising MY Baby 8/15/17

It’s Time to Stop Letting Abortion Clinics Hide Information on Injuries and Deaths to Women 8/8/17

Must Read Article on Men, Suicide and Abortion 6/9/17/17

In Incest Case, Abortionist’s Only Solution Is to Offer Abortion 5/12/17

Public Support of Pregnancy Help Centers That Aid Women and Unborn Children 4/17/17

Why “Accidental Death” Is the Default Setting for Coroners When Abortion is Involved 3/17/17

New Legislation Would Help Women Who Have Suffered Psychological Distress Following Abortion 2/21/17

Reports Shows Evidence of Coerced Abortions, Safety Violations at UK Abortion Clinics 2/3/17

When Young Girls Are Manipulated Into Abortion 12/20/16

UK: A Watershed Supreme Court Ruling Has Shaken Up Consent Laws – and May Have Unexpected Spin-Offs 11/22/16

We Can’t Look the Other Way on Sex-Selection Abortions 11/18/16

Why Don’t “Pro-Choicers” Talk About Coercion? 11/9/16

No Medical Evidence Finds Abortion Can Save a Mother’s Life 11/4/16

Attacks on Pregnancy Centers Aren’t Based on Facts 9/30/16

6 Ways to Help Parents Who Receive a Difficult Prenatal Diagnosis 9/9/16

It Destroyed My Life: Prenatal Testing and Coerced Abortion 9/2/16

“If I Didn’t Go Ahead With It, I’d Be Dead:” Forced Abortion and Human Trafficking Go Hand in Hand 6/4/16

Experts to UN: Stop Pushing Abortion When Women Need Medical Care 3/29/16

Government Recommendation for Depression Screening for Pregnant Women Should Extend to Abortion 1/27/16

Abortion Has Done Nothing to Advance Women’s Freedom 1/22/16

Planned Parenthood is Guilty of Negligent Screening 12/29/15

“She Asked for It” 12/3/15

After 35 Years, It’s Time for China to End the One-Child Policy 9/25/15

Warnings About Abortion and Premature Birth Still Ignored After 40 Years 8/14/15

Tragic Anniversary of Three Women’s Deaths From Abortion 8/7/15

Protect Girls Pregnant Through Rape From Abortion 8/4/15

RU-486 and the Assault on Pregnant Women 7/30/15

What I’ve Learned From Working With Women Facing Abortion 7/9/15

After Abortion, Nothing is Wrong With You If You Are Hurting 6/19/15

“Between a Woman and Her Doctor” Is Just a Myth 6/18/15

I Was 17, Drugged and Raped … But Abortion Wasn’t Best for Me 5/15/15

Expert: Why China Will Not End Coercive Population Control 4/30/15

Exposing the Horrors of India’s Sterilization Camps 4/28/15

Men Can Be Victims of Coercion, Too 4/17/15

Why We Need Accurate Data on Abortions: Women’s Health Can’t Be Protected Without It 3/27/15

Abortion Doesn’t Help Trafficking Victims; Leads to Further Exploitation 3/19/15

How Abortion Impacts Surviving Children 3/13/15

Informed Consent is Not Present if the Information is Inadequate 2/2/15

42 Years Later, Wishful Thinking on Abortion Still Hasn’t Come True 1/22/15

“Nobody Cares” About Black Women Who Die From Abortions 12/4/14

Tragic Anniversary: The Death of Karnamaya Mongar 11/21/14

Illegal Abortion Myths: Septic Abortion Wards 11/4/14

They’re Still Trying to Disprove Post-Abortion Trauma Syndrome 10/27/14

Conscience Leads to More Complete Support for Women in New Zealand 10/21/14




China: 34 Years of Brutal “One-Child Policy” 9/26/14

Doctors: Abortion Not Necessary to Save Mothers’ Lives 9/9/14

NBC Expert: Doctors Should Have Admitting Privileges 8/29/14

Is Late Term Abortion Ever Necessary? 5/5/14

Why Legalizing Abortion Worldwide Won’t Save Women’s Lives 3/31/14

On World Down Syndrome Day, Resources and Hope 3/21/14

Michelle Obama Needs to Defend Chinese Women 3/20/14

“I Can Tell You What a Coerced Abortion Feels Like …” 3/13/14

Abortion Doesn’t Give Anyone More Freedom or Opportunities 1/22/14

New “Franchises” Foist Abortion and Sterilization on Poor Women  11/20/13

Overpopulation? Debunking the Myths 10/1/13

Advocate: Women Have a Right to Know Risk of Abortion Drug 8/12/13

Women Who Died from “Lifesaving” Abortions 7/24/13

Expanding Abortion Does Not Protect Women 7/1/13

“Unmet Need” and Pushing Contraceptives on Women in the Developing World 5/17/13

From “Back Alley” to Main Street: Illegal Abortionists Who Became Legal Abortionists (And Killed Women After Roe v. Wade) 5/16/13

Kermit Gosnell, the Back Alley and the Front Door 4/23/13

Exception or Rule? Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” Not So Rare 4/16/13

The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link: The Biology (Part Four of Four) 3/29/13

The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link: The Dagger Under the Table (Part Three of Four) 3/28/13

The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link: The Cover-Up (Part Two of Four) 3/27/13

The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link: Those Stubborn Facts Again (Part One of Four) 3/26/13

The Many Flaws of Judicial Bypass 3/25/15

Video: Abortion Doesn’t Help Suicidal Women 3/22/13

On World Down Syndrome Day, Acknowledging Abortion’s Impact 3/21/13

Promoting Abortion Will Increase, Not End, Violence Against Women 3/24/13

Forced to Abort? Don’t Count on Clinics to Help 3/13/13

Empower Women, Not the State 2/15/13

It Was Never About “Choice” Anyway 2/14/13

Only Some Voices Count: Silencing Women After Abortion 12/10/12

Two Deaths from “Safe and Legal” Abortions: Would More Women Die If Not for Legalization? 11/11/12

My Rape Pregnancy and My Furor Over Social Myths 11/8/12

Rape Hurt My Mother, But Abortion Devastated Her 11/1/12

The Despicable “God Intends Rape” Comments 10/30/12

Higher Death Rates After Abortion Found in U.S., Finland and Denmark: Studies Find Abortion Is Not Safer Than Childbirth 9/5/12

Abortion Doesn’t Help Rape Victims, Say Women Who’ve Been There 8/31/12

Understanding Repeat Abortions 10/12/12

Repeat Abortions: What the Research Says 10/12/12

All Abortion Risks Must Be Disclosed, Appeals Court Rules  7/26/12

Pre-Abortion Screening Law to Take Effect in South Dakota 6/30/12

Elliot Institute Director Responds to Attacks on Research 2/23/12

Getting It All Wrong on Second Trimester Abortions 2/16/12

Rehash of Abortion Safety Claim Ignores All Inconvenient Evidence to the Contrary 1/26/12

New Study Reignites Controversy Over Abortion and Mental Health 9/2/11

Why Prior Abortions Raise Autism Risk 3/9/11

Abortion Linked to Preterm Birth, But Why Aren’t Women Being Told?

More Than 30 Studies In Last Five Years Show Negative Impact of Abortion on Women’s Mental Health

“A Breech of Public Responsibility:” Researcher Responds to Claims That Studies Show No Mental Health Problems After Abortion

Abuse of Parental Notification Laws Puts Teens at Risk

RU-486 and the Assault on Pregnant Women by Susan E. Enouen, P.E

For First Time, Women Can Sue for Psychological Injuries After Abortion

Post-Abortion Trauma in Men Still Overlooked by Catherine Coyle, Ph.D.

Is Abortion Better for Teens Than An Unplanned Pregnancy?

A Generation at Risk: How Teens Are Manipulated and Coerced Into Abortion

Repeat Abortions: An Excerpt from Forbidden Grief

The Impact of Abortion After Prenatal Diagnosis

Concealing Sex Trafficking: Abortion Industry’s Failure to Report Sex Crimes May Also Hide Human Trafficking

Rape, Incest and Abortion: Searching Beyond the Myths

Revisiting the “Koop Report” The Surgeon General’s report on abortion and what Dr. Koop could have reported

Abortion and the Feminization of Poverty

The Abortion / Suicide Connection

Do You Suffer From Post-Abortion Stress? This questionnaire can help you find out

A Study of Deception Pro-choice researcher “proves” abortion increases self-esteem

JAMA GYMNASTICS Jumping through hoops to prove abortion is safe

Identifying High Risk Abortion Patients

Women at Risk: Abortion and the High Risk Patient

Population Control and RU-486: The Hidden Agenda

The Aftereffects of Abortion

Limitations on Post-Abortion Research: Why We Know So Little Important information regarding interpretation of these studies and all research on abortion.

Men and Abortion


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  1. My boyfriend died in february after he shot himself,he knew that i waz pregnant.i decided 2 terminate the pregnancy after i termimated the pregnancy i did not want to see my parents because of the guilt.after a week i had an abortion,my parents confronted me,im depressed and stressed i have no1 to talk to i even thought of commiting suicide.this is eating me up

    • Veronica, I am so sorry for the loss of your baby and your boyfriend and for all of the heartbreak and tragedy in your life. YOU DESERVE BETTER! Please believe it can and WILL get better. There are many people and places who care and can help you. Please check this list and make some calls and stay in touch. Hang in there!! Make a phone call and talk to someone on this list. Keep trying until you find the right one for you and be patient — it will take time and it’s not easy, but you can find help, hope and healing.

    • Veronica: In the midst of your pain and experiences of loss please remember that God wants to heal you – but you have to be open to Him. God can do the impossible with us and restore our inner peace. Killing yourself will solve nothing. Your life is precious to the Lord and He wants to take you out of the dark space you are experiencing now and bring you healing whhere you can become a more effective witness to people. I remember reading about St. Catherine off Siena (lived in the 1300’s) who spoke to God the Father. The father said that while the betrayal of His Son by Judas gravely offended His Son what even more gravely offended Him was when Judas hung himself. Jesus was gravely offended that Judas did not believe that He could be forgiven. God’s Mercy is waiting to enfold you – please don’t reject that. Many times God works thorugh other people also – it would be a terrific thing for you to speak to a crisis counselor (or clergy person, doctor, hospital, suicide hotline, etc) to let the pain out. Please don’t go through this alone. Healing can be yours if you are open. Peace my sister. Tony

    • Life is hard. You are coming to know that just now. Decisions have been made and now comes the time to deal with those decisions. Do not hide anything from the people who love you. Nothing ever gets better if it is hidden away and not looked at fully and honestly. You have had some hard things happen and it is not going to be easy but there is a way to make it easier and to be able to keep on going in spite of of all that has transpired. What is eating you up? Sadness, remorse, regret? What is it you are feeling? Please do not keep your decisions from your parents who love you. They are your best source of strength and maturity. I will be praying for you.

  2. Veronica, You are loved and already forgiven. Jesus wants to hold you close to His heart and pull you through this pain, if you will reach out to Him, He is waiting for you. Take a look at the Tenth Avenue North song, “You Are More” on YouTube. Check out Silent No More or Rachels Vineyard. There is healing out there for you. Your life and your story are important to the world. We love you<3. We want peace for you.

  3. Veronica, I am so sad for your losses. Your pain must be almost unbearable. I am crying for you and with you sweet girl. Please know that Jesus weeps with you too. Veronica you need others to help you now, to walk this painful road with you. Find a pregnancy resource center near you by going to or call 1-800-395-4357 and talk with someone now. They are trained to help you. They will not judge you but they will love and care for you and you need real people to do that for you. There is help. Please call. I love you and Jesus does too, no matter what you have done. Feel free to email me directly at

  4. Veronica… We are so sorry to hear of the loss of your boyfriend. Suicide is such a tragic choice and a huge loss to those left behind. Add to that, the loss of your baby and we are sure your grief is beyond comprehension.

    But there is help for you. Please contact us and we will match you up with a counselor in your area. You can email, chat, talk by phone or even meet in person… whatever you feel most comfortable with.

    Our website of counselors:

    You can find our phone numbers on the site as well.

    We are praying for you Jessica and are here if you need us!

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