Who Should Use the Jericho Plan?

Who Should Use This Book?

Our goal, in this book, is to promote the emotional and spiritual healing of women and men who have been scarred by abortion. While this text is specifically directed toward clergy, there is no reason for this message of hope to be confined strictly to the pulpit. Indeed, one of our requests of clergy is that they seek to make all members of their congregations ambassadors of God’s healing love.

Therefore, if you are a person who simply knows someone who has had an abortion (and we all do know such people, even if their abortions have been kept a secret from us), you will benefit from this book. You will be better prepared to offer the words of understanding and healing which are so desperately needed by the post-aborted women and men whose lives you touch. While you will probably never be in a position to give a sermon on this topic, you have the equally important task of being an ambassador of God’s mercy in your daily, one-on-one contacts. This book will free you from the fear of “saying the wrong thing.”

If you yourself have been involved in an abortion, this book will address many of the concerns and questions which you still have. Of special importance are its answers to the troubling questions that are most difficult for you to ask. It will also help you to see that you are not alone. Others have experienced and overcome the same problems. Their insights can help you to better understand what you have been through, why you continue to struggle, and how you can finally find peace of mind and heart. Indeed, when you complete the journey upon which you are embarking, you may well discover a greater joy of spirit than you have ever known. We encourage you to draw upon the resources at the end of this book, especially for the purpose of contacting others who have been down this same path of healing. Because of their first-hand experience, they can make your journey much easier.

So, this book is really for everyone who cares about the people whose lives have been touched by abortion. While we encourage you to buy copies for friends and loved ones who have been involved in abortions, plus all the clergy in your area (which is why we have a generous discount for bulk orders), don’t become a distributor until you read it yourself. To simply provide helpful information to others is a good, but rather mundane task. Our hope is that you will become a healer, a witness to God’s unfathomable mercy. Our world most desperately needs healers. Do not be timid. Be a healer.

Copyright 1996 David C. Reardon. Excerpted with permission for from The Jericho Plan: Breaking Down the Walls Which Prevent Post-Abortion Healing, published by Acorn Books, PO Box 7348, Springfield, IL 62791-7348 for internet posting exclusively at www.afterabortion.org. All Rights Reserved.

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