More Studies Document Abortion’s Dangers

Springfield, IL (June 23, 2003)– The evidence that abortion has negative effects on women, men, siblings, and society grows with every passing year. The most comprehensive and current resource for tracking the latest medical findings on abortion complications is the ongoing bibliography Detrimental Effects of Abortion: An Annotated Bibliography with Commentary.

The 2003 supplement to Detrimental Effects of Abortion is now being made available to the public free of charge. The supplement contains 59 new entries covering studies on topics such as depression, psychiatric hospitalization, substance abuse, repeat abortions, cancer, ectopic pregnancy, reproductive complications, and other problems after abortion. Included in the supplement are summaries of the latest Elliot Institute studies that have been published in peer- reviewed medical journals.

The complete 2001 edition of Detrimental Effects of Abortion is a 336-page bibliography with more than 1,200 entries to studies related to abortion complications and abortion decision- making. The first supplement was published in the fall of 2002. Both supplements, which add about 10 percent to the number of entries in the main volume, are available as free downloads

Entries in the book and supplements include summaries of key research findings to assist women, men, families, students, speakers, pro-life activists, medical and mental health professionals, clergy, and post-abortion counselors to quickly understand the most current literature and find the most relevant sources for more complete information.

The editor of Detrimental Effects of Abortion, Thomas W. Strahan, passed away in 2003. The second supplement includes a tribute to Strahan by noted post-abortion researcher Dr. David Reardon, who calls Strahan a “hidden giant” because of his contributions to documenting the harm abortion has done to women, men, children and society.

Readers can find more information on the complete printed or electronic versions of Detrimental Effects of Abortion and download both supplements at


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