Fund Raising Sample 2 – To Fund Hope and Healing Campaign

Sample Fundraising Letter for Hope and Healing #2

Dear Friend,

How can we stop the tragedy of unwanted abortions?

How can we reach out to the thousands of women and men in our community who are hurting, emotionally and spiritually, because of a past abortion?

Studies show that most women choose abortion not because they really want it for themselves, but because other people – parents, boyfriends, husbands, or counselors – want it for them.

Women are told that by sacrificing “just this one thing” they can save their careers, their education, or their relationships.

After the abortion, however, these women quickly discover that the abortion has only made things worse.

Now, with the aid of a new twelve-page newspaper insert called Hope and Healing, we do we expose the terrible truth about abortion. At the same time, we can help encourage women and men hurting from a past abortion to participate in post-abortion ministry programs and to accept God’s healing mercy Through informative articles and personal testimonies, Hope and Healing lets those who are struggling with a past abortion know that they are not alone.

It also raises general awareness of the pressures that drive many women to choose abortion and the physical and psychological problems that follow.

Plus, it teaches readers how to respond to friends and loved ones who have had abortions in an appropriate, compassionate way.

Today, we have the opportunity to participate in a matching grant program that will allow us to distribute XXXXX copies of Hope and Healing here in our own community.

For only $XXXX, a fraction of the full, regular cost, we can reach XXXXX homes in (name of city) by inserting Hope and Healingin (name of newspaper).

But to be guaranteed the matching grant that makes this possible, we need to raise these funds during the next six weeks.

Won’t you please make a generous donation today? A gift of only $500 will help us to reach 10,000 people. Even $25 will help us to distribute 500 copies.

You have been so generous in the past.

Can I count on you again to help us seize this great opportunity? We need to act fast to guarantee our share of the matching funds which will subsidize this project.

Whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated, not only by us, but by everyone whose lives will be touched by this publication.

Please return your gift in the enclosed envelope today, before it slips your mind.



P.S. Hope and Healing will (1) discourage abortion-minded people by exposing the truth about abortion’s risks, (2) encourage those hurt by a past abortion to participate in post- abortion healing programs, and (3) demonstrate to our community that we truly do love and care about women and men who have made the tragic choice to abort.

Your gift will help us to accomplish all three goals. Thank you.

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