Hope and Healing Matching Grant Fund

Hope and Healing Matching Grant Fund

Fund Raising Opportunities and Assistance

To raise their portion of the project’s cost, participating organizations are encouraged to undertake one or all three of the following alternatives.

Direct Mail Fund Raising Appeal

Sample fund raising letters are available from the Elliot Institute in printed form or at www.afterabortion/funds. These are easily adapted to your own use simply by inserting the name of your organization. (We would like to encourage the exchange of successful fund raising letters between organizations interested in participating in this project. To this end, please send us feed back about the response rate and average donation you receive using one of these letters or a letter of your own.)

Grant Proposal

Foundations and major donors might best be approached with a sample of Hope and Healing and a formal grant proposal. To assist you, we have pre-designed grant proposal is available to you in printed or electronic form at www.afterabortion/funds. All that you need to do is to add your contact information and a budget for your particular distribution effort. We can assist you in finalizing the budget. PLEASE NOTE: Your local library may have a foundation directory for your state. This may be more useful than the general, national foundation directories which include only major foundation. In your regional or state directory, you will find many small family foundations. Many will indicate that they are set up to fund Christian activities. Submitting the grant proposal we have supplied in your name to such foundations is not only a good way to fund this project, it is also a good way to establish a new relationship with a major donor who may be willing to fund additional projects by your organization in the future.

Recognized Sponsors

The block “Give Us Feedback, Give Us To Others” on page 11 can be replaced with a sponsors acknowledgment block. This block can have a headline on the order of “Hope and Healing is offered to you by the generosity of …” and can include a list of the names of churches, pregnancy centers, pro-life groups, physicians, and even local businesses. Perhaps the bottom line could be a closing “headline” which says “Our prayers are with you.” You can set the amount required from sponsors to any amount that is practical. For example, if you need to raise $4000, twenty sponsors might be asked to contribute $200 each. This is a very reasonable amount to ask of churches who are willing to support this outreach effort.

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