Qualifications to Participate in Hope and Healing Matching Funds Campaign

Hope and Healing Matching Grant Fund

Qualifications to Participate

To assist other organizations in distributing Hope and Healing the Elliot Institute has established a matching grant fund to subsidize the costs of inserting Hope and Healing in city, community, and college newspapers.

Through this fund, the Elliot Institute is prepared to pay for 50 to 100 percent of the printing costs involved for inserting Hope and Healing into your target newspaper(s). To qualify for this matching grant, it is your organization’s responsibility to raise the funds necessary to cover the newspapers’ insertion charges and the shipping costs.

To conserve the matching grant pool of funds, the Elliot Institute requests that participating organizations should also seek to raise half of the printing costs, around $20 per thousand. While this additional amount is NOT a precondition to participation in this matching grant, preference in allocating these funds will be given to organizations who accomplish this goal or can demonstrate a sincere effort to do so.

The allocation of matching funds will be made according to the following considerations, ranked in order of priority: (1) availability of funds, (2) ability of the participating organization to pay for a portion (up to half) of the printing costs, (3) earliest date for distribution, (4) earliest date of application.

The Elliot Institute anticipates that the availability of funds for this purpose will fluctuate. In mid-1999, approximately $40,000 was available. As these funds are expended, it is hoped that additional funds will be raised to replenish or expand the matching funds available. Therefore, it is the Elliot Institute’s policy at this time to encourage rapid placement of Hope and Healing in community, city, and college newspapers without regard to “conserving” the matching fund for future years.

Funds will not be allocated until (1) the sponsoring organization has obtained written approval for placing the insert from the target newspaper, and (2) a total budget and time table has been defined.

To begin the process, the sponsoring organization must obtain a quote for insertion costs from the target newspaper(s) and a circulation figure for the number of Hope and Healing inserts that must be provided. (Remember to ask if they have a reduced insertion rate for non-profit organizations. Many newspapers do.) With these figures in hand, we can then begin to work with you to develop a budget and time table.

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