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The Elliot Institute is pleased to announce the launch of a major update of Built on the popular WordPress system, the new site provides user with better navigation, social networking options, and the ability to comment on articles.

Old Design

Our old site was severely outdated.  The original design dated back to 1999.  But since that time our highly ranked web site had grown to over 500 web pages.

While we had long known that we needed to update the website, how to do convert hundreds of pages in a manageable way was hard to imagine.  Even more importantly, we had to find a way that would conserve the thousands of inbound links from other sites, which are a major reason our site is one of the top ranked sites for any search related to abortion and abortion risks.


Since we are new to the blogging arena, we welcome your comments and suggestions.  Now that we have our site converted over to WordPress, we will be able to continue to make improvements on a more timely basis.  Your recommendations are welcome.

If you have a large website that you want to bring over to WordPress, you can read the technical details of how we converted to WordPress here.

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    • Hi, is there anything we can help you with? If you are seeking help because you or someone you know is pregnant, you can visit here for information and resources. You can also find support and counseling services for those struggling after abortion here. I’d be glad to try and give any further information if you post again or send an email to

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