Guidelines for Submitting Articles

We are always interested in publishing relevant content from guest experts, thoughtful people, or those who just want to share their stories. We also welcome regular contributors who may be willing to provide content every month or so.

Here are some guidelines for submitting your article:

1. New, original articles are preferred. But reprints of articles you have already published elsewhere are acceptable provided that you only gave one time reprint rights to the other publisher or otherwise have the right to give us permission to publish it.

2. Articles may be published to our web site and/or our print newsletter (The Post-Abortion Review) or email  newsletters.

3. Unless it is a personal story, your article should not be too self-referential or self-promoting of any products or services. If you have a book about post-abortion issues, for example, it is fine to describe it and provide a link. But as a general rule, no more than two links to your own web site or blog are allowed per article.

4. Articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word or another format that allows us to copy and paste your text. Email your article or proposal to

5. Generally, articles will be published under your full name, unless it is a personal story about abortion. To protect your privacy, we will allow personal testimonies to be published under your first name only or a pseudonym (please let us know if you want this when submitting your story).

6. We reserve the right to edit articles for length, grammar, spelling or other reasons. To minimize mistakes, please make sure you proofread your article (or have someone else proofread it) before submission.

7. We reserve the right to reject any articles that do not fit with our standards or mission.

To submit a proposal for an article you would like to write, or a completed article or testimony, please email us at

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