Volume 21, 2014

Volume 21, Number 1, Winter/Spring 2014

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How to Recognize a Cover-Up of the Abortion/Breast Cancer Link

New Scientific Review Supports Link Between Abortion and Breast Cancer

From Back Alley to Main Street
Illegal Abortionists Who Became Legal Abortionists (And Killed Women) After Roe

The Many Flaws of Judicial Bypass
Using the Courts to Bypass Parental Notification Laws


Volume 21, Number 2, Fall/Winter 2014

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(pdf format)


Is Late-Term Abortion Ever Necessary?
What the Research Shows

Irish Doctors: Abortion Doesn’t Save Lives

Doctor: I’ve Never Had to End a Baby’s Life to Save the Mother
Congressional Testimony of an Ob/Gyn and Former Abortionist

“It Destroyed My Life”
One Woman’s Story of Late-Term Abortion

Later Abortions Linked to Psychological Problems, More Ambivalence

Churches: Reach Out to the Silent Sufferers

Save the Date: Church Awareness Project/Coerced Abortion Awareness Week (April 12-19, 2015)

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