Volume 22, 2015

Volume 22, Number 1, Winter/Spring 2015

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Suicides After Abortion Remain High Despite Better Screening Guidelines
Officials in Finland Concerned About Increased Risk of Suicide After Abortion

Hearings on Abortion, Mental Health Needed (sidebar)

Conscience Leads to More Complete Support for Women
Cushla Hassan, RN & Joseph Hassan, MBchB

Summary of Fergusson’s Longitudinal Study (sidebar)

They’re Still Trying to Disprove Post-Abortion Trauma Syndrome
Priscilla Coleman, Ph.D.

Letters: Most States Have No Safety Standards for Abortion Clinics
Complications Go Unreported

Volume 22, Number 2, Summer/Fall 2015

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Abortion History Linked to Bipolar Disorders
And the Ongoing Cover-up

The Planned Parenthood Videos and the Exploitation of Women

Expose Healing and Hope

Abortion Won’t Help Trafficking Victims
How Abortion Leads to Further Exploitation and Abuse of Victims

Help for Victims of Trafficking (sidebar)

Case Study: I Was Still a Child (“Rose”)

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