Pro-Choice Counselor on the Link Between Abortion and Substance Abuse


In a 2006 book, a pro-choice counselor shared:

photo by Angelina--cc flickrI worked with adult men and women who had been abusing alcohol and drugs and coping with mental illness for the majority of their lives.… One of the key reasons people continue to abuse their bodies is because of some level of self hatred. Somewhere along the line, they did something that they hate themselves for. And, whether they think their parents won’t forgive them, or their God won’t forgive them, or whatever, they continue to punish themselves and become their own biggest executioner, and they become unable to let go of whatever has been trapped. I cannot tell you how many of them had unresolved guilt, grief, and/or anger relating to their own abortion or someone close to them having an abortion. I sat with more than one man while he cried because his girlfriend had an abortion. I sat with more than one woman who could not forgive herself for having had one.

Numerous studies have found an increased risk of substance abuse among women who had abortions.

H/T Sarah Terzo at Live Action News. Source: Lauri Wollner “Tiny, Golden Feet” in Krista Jacob. Abortion under Attack: Women on the Challenges Facing Choice (Emeryville, CA: Seal Press, 2006) 163 -164


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