“In the name of choice, women have lost true choice …”


As we mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade and Doe  v. Bolton:

photo by zenroxie cc flickrAbortion does nothing to change a woman’s life situation. All it does is end the life of her unborn child. So why do we act as if abortion is the cure-all solution we’ve been looking for since the beginning of time?

Abortion does not end poverty, so why do we offer it as a solution to low-income women?

Abortion does not end illness, so why do we offer it as a solution to terminally-ill women?

Abortion does not end abuse, so why do we offer it as a solution to women who are victims of abuse?

Please try to understand: I am not saying that having a baby will solve these problems. But what I am saying is that these women would often not be seeking abortion if it were not for the systems of oppression that are at work in their lives. This is what the “cure-all abortion theory” ignores.

Moreover, until the negative forces are removed from a woman’s life, she is not actually making a true choice. Rather, she is making a choice that she feels is her only option. In other words, she feels she has no other choice. How is that possibly empowering to women in crisis pregnancies?

The tragic irony is that it is these women that pro-abortion activists claim to be fighting for. As my post-abortive friends would say, in the name of choice, women have lost true choice.

— True Choice founder Lia Mills, writing at LifeNews.com

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“In the name of choice, women have lost true choice …” — 2 Comments

  1. Hello I am a member of Missourians for the Unborn: web site: http://www.missouriansfortheunborn.com and also FB. We have a bill HJR98 to decalsre personhood and I am looking for someone, man or woman or both, to help us with a hearing in the House in Jefferson City on March 29th. We are looking for testimony from people who have had an abortion and regrets that decision and can give testimony how that had effected their lives. If you have someone I could call with more information I would appreciate it.

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