Most Popular Posts of 2016

2016 was a busy year for us here at the Elliot Institute! Here are our most popular newsletter posts of the year:

  1. Hillary’s Wrong: No Medical Evidence Finds Abortion Can Save a Mother’s Life
  2. Study: Abortion for Fetal Anomalies Increases Risk of Mental Health Problems
  3. It Destroyed My Life: Prenatal Testing and Coerced Abortion
  4. Study Finds Increased Risk of Mental Health Disorders After Abortion
  5. Why Don’t Abortion Supporters Talk About Coercion?
  6. Six Ways to Help Parents Who Receive a Difficult Prenatal Diagnosis
  7. Wantedness and Coercion: Key Factors in Understanding Women’s Mental Health After Abortion
  8. Attacks on Pregnancy Centers Aren’t Based on Facts
  9. The Power of Prayer: Four Things You Can Do
  10. Denying the Loss of a Sibling: Healing for Those Who Have Lost Siblings to Abortion

Without you, our work would not be possible. We are deeply grateful to all who partnered with us in 2016, whether by supporting us financially, praying for us or helping us to reach others with the truth by sharing and distributing our research, information and resources

Please continue to keep us in your prayers in the coming year, and know that you will be in ours. Thanks for all that you are and do, and may God bless you and your loved ones on New Year’s Day and throughout 2017.


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