“Women, Like Their Children, Are Victims of Our Horrific Abortion Policy”


From Charles Camosy in the New York Daily News:

Broadly legal abortion is the product of privileged men. Hugh Hefner and his Playboy Foundation sponsored the lower court cases designed to provoke Roe vs. Wade. (Interestingly, Hefner claims that he “was a feminist before there was such a thing as feminism.”) And Roe, of course, was decided by seven male justices.  …

What was essential for social equality, according to those responsible for our abortion laws, was that women are able to end their pregnancies when they are a burden on their economic and social interests. But being pregnant and having a child is often so burdensome precisely because our social structures have been designed by and for people who cannot get pregnant. Notice how, in this context, our abortion laws end up serving the interests of men and coercing the so-called ‘choice’ of women.

Someone who is coerced into having an abortion as a means of having social equality should not be put in jail. Women, like their prenatal children, are victims of our horrific abortion policy. Instead, physicians who profit from the violence of abortion ought to be punished. Philadelphia’s Dr. Kermit Gosnell is currently in jail after facing eight counts of murder. Seven of the counts were related to his killing babies beyond the legal limit, counts Dr. Gosnell “didn’t understand” because he was merely finishing off a late-term abortion.

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