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42 Years Later, Wishful Thinking on Abortion Still Hasn’t Come True

Today is the 42nd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. Writing about the decision in a Jan. 24, 1973 editorial, The New York Times proclaimed: The Supreme Court has made a major contribution to the preservation of individual liberties … Continue reading

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Suicides After Abortion Remain High Despite Better Screening Guidelines

Officials in Finland Concerned About Increased Risk of Suicide After Abortion; Calls for Action in Australia and the U.S. Voluntary guidelines for post-abortion mental health evaluations during the month following an abortion have failed to significantly decrease the rate of … Continue reading

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“Nobody Cares” About Black Women Who Die From Abortions

Once again, Christina Dunigan has provided some valuable information in a post at the RealChoice blog. Here she is posting about the disproportionate number of black women who die from abortions — and the lack of concern shown by those … Continue reading

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Tragic Anniversary: The Death of Karnamaya Mongar

Five years ago this week, Karnamaya Mongar died while undergoing an abortion at Kermit Gosnell’s abortion business in Philadelphia.  Here is her story: At the age of 41, Karnamaya Mongar had survived nearly 20 years in a refugee camp in … Continue reading

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Vol 21, 2014

Volume 21, Number 1, Winter/Spring 2014 Download Issue (pdf format) Contents: How to Recognize a Cover-Up of the Abortion/Breast Cancer Link New Scientific Review Supports Link Between Abortion and Breast Cancer From Back Alley to Main Street Illegal Abortionists Who … Continue reading

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14-year-old Pregnant Rape Victim, Prayer Request

From our friends Doug and Angela Grogg: Saturday Morning I received a Google Alert. It was about a 14 year old girl who was raped and is now pregnant. As all of you know this hits close to home with … Continue reading

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“Women Don’t Require Abortions In Order to Continue Their Education”

Women don’t require abortions in order to continue their education. Families and communities can rally around them and offer support. There are also organizations and programs that offer a helping hand as well. As this mama testifies, it can be … Continue reading

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Not Much Has Changed With Abortion Today

As a follow up to yesterday’s post on the “septic abortion wards” myth, here is Rebecca Downs at responding to one woman’s story about undergoing an illegal abortion in 1959: Diana Weiner’s story is personal and in many ways … Continue reading

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Illegal Abortion Myths: “Septic Abortion Wards”

Another illegal abortion myth, debunked by Christina Dunigan at Real Choice: Dr. Doug Laube of Wisconsin is one of the many abortion practitioners who repeats hoary old tales of septic abortion wards. In an interview with Feministe’s Clarisse Thorn, he in fact … Continue reading

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They’re Still Trying to Disprove Post-Abortion Trauma Syndrome

By Priscilla Coleman, Ph.D. On October 6th an article titled “Is So-Called Post-Abortion Trauma Syndrome a Myth?,” written by Zawn Villines, appeared on In order to address the question she poses, Villines does not focus on the large international … Continue reading

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Conscience Leads to More Complete Support for Women in New Zealand

By Cushla Hassan, RN & Joseph Hassan, MBchB A year ago, Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand published Rose Stewart’s challenging ar­ticle, “Conscience ‘not always a force for good’,” giving her perspective on conscience and health care.1 In the article, Stewart … Continue reading

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Legal or Illegal, Women Still Die from Abortion

Real Choice reports today on the death from abortion of 37-year-old Carole Schaner on October 20, 1971, by Dr. Jesse Ketchum: Ketchum was a former criminal abortionist from Ypsilanti, Michigan who had relocated to New York specifically to open an abortion practice … Continue reading

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Sex-Selection Abortions A Worldwide Problem

The recent 34th anniversary of China’s “one-child policy” has focused renewed attention on sex-selection abortions. According to Reggie Littlejohn of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, “there are an estimated 37 million more men than women in China today. This gender imbalance … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome Awareness Month: Information, Resources and Hope

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Sadly, most unborn children diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted — often after parents are given poor information and pressured or coerced to abort by medical staff.  Most people also don’t know about the … Continue reading

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Forced Abortions in China – Crime Against Humanity

“Nothing in human history compares to the magnitude of China’s more than 34-year assault on women and children,” said Smith, who has held almost 50 hearings on human rights violations in China. “Abortion is a weapon of mass destruction. Hundreds of millions of lives have been exterminated.” Continue reading

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