Is Late Term Abortion Ever Necessary?

By Mary L. Davenport, M.D., FACOG The following article was published in 2010 by the American Association of Prolife Ob-Gyns [AAPLOG]. In the aftermath of the killing of George Tiller, the Kansas abortionist, on May 31, 2009, we have heard … Continue reading

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Why Legalizing Abortion Worldwide Won’t Save Women’s Lives

By Paul Stark The international abortion advocacy organization Ipas helped convene a meeting this week calling for governments to “repeal laws that criminalize abortion and remove barriers on women’s and girls’ access to safe abortion services,” making “safe, legal abortion universally … Continue reading

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How to Recognize a Cover-up of the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

By Joel Brind, Ph.D. After researching and publishing on the ABC link for over 20 years, I’ve managed to get the hang of the formulaic manner in which studies come out periodically to “reassure” the public about the “safety” of … Continue reading

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On World Down Syndome Day: Resources and Hope

Today is World Down Syndrome Day. Sadly, most unborn children diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted  — often after parents are given poor information and pressured to abort by medical staff. Most people don’t know about the negative impact of … Continue reading

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Michelle Obama Needs to Defend Chinese Women

First Lady Should Condemn China’s “War on Women,” But Will She? Note: The following is reprinted from Population Research Institute. When Michelle Obama arrives in Beijing today with her two daughters, Sasha and Malia, she will be the envy of … Continue reading

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Abortion Pill Reversal: Helping Women Stop an Abortion

The Denver Catholic Register has an article on abortion pill reversal, including the story of a woman who is pregnant after taking a chemical abortion pill early in her pregnancy: Kim, 32, was frantic when she left the Planned Parenthood … Continue reading

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Texas Abortionist Sued Over Life Threatening Injuries

Operation Rescue has posted an article and court documents related to a lawsuit filed  against Texas abortionist Douglas Karpen. From the post: Houston abortionist Douglas Karpen, sometimes referred to as the “Gosnell of Texas,” has been sued by a former … Continue reading

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Time to End Forced Abortion in China

International Women’s Day was Saturday, March 8. But it is not too late to share this call to end forced abortion in China: Honoring the continuing significance of International Women’s Day, Women’s Rights Without Frontiers has called for the end … Continue reading

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Population Controllers to Give Dangerous Drug to Zambian Women

The Turtle Bay and Beyond blog is reporting on Planned Parenthood’s plan to distribute the dangerous Depo-Provera contraceptive drug to women in Zambia: Despite scientific research finding women using the contraceptive Depo Provera are at higher risk to transmit HIV/AIDS … Continue reading

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“I Can Tell You What a Coerced Abortion is Like …”

By Theresa Bonopartis I can certainly tell you what a coerced abortion feels like. I remember it as clearly as if it happened yesterday. I was a pregnant teenager kicked out of the house, isolated and alone. Nowhere to go, … Continue reading

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Expert: Study Shows Need for Abortion Clinics to Screen for Violence

By Priscilla Coleman, Ph.D. In February 2011, Philadelphia resident Tiffany Gillespie, 24, was six months pregnant with her 3rd child when she was allegedly shot to death by her boyfriend, Aaron Fitzpatrick. The killing apparently followed an argument wherein Fitzpatrick … Continue reading

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Abortion Doesn’t Give Anyone More Freedom or Opportunities

“… [T]his is a country where everyone deserves the same freedom and opportunities to fulfill their dreams.” The president used these words today in a statement affirming Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling allowing abortion that was handed down … Continue reading

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Study of 36 Chinese Abortion-Breast Cancer Studies a “Game Changer,” Says Scientist

Two of Three Meta-Analyses Now Support Link Between Abortion and Breast cancer The following statement was released by the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer on Dec. 2, 2013. A systematic review and meta-analysis of 36 Chinese studies, published by Dr. Yubei … Continue reading

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New “Franchises” Foist Abortion and Sterilization on Poor Women

The Population Research Institute has posted an eye-opening article about the spread of “franchises” using slick marketing tools to sell abortions and sterilizations to women in India and other developing countries: Franchising Abortion and Sterilization: Big Porn, Big Pharma, Big … Continue reading

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Vol 20, 2013

Volume 20, Number 1, Winter/Spring 2013 Download Issue (pdf format) Contents: Abortion Has No Benefits, But Does Have Risks, New Research Shows Pro-Choice Researcher Calls for Expanding Abortion Despite Risks Kermit Gosnell, the Back Alley and the Front Door Sidebar: … Continue reading

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