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Informed Consent Booklets Hide
True Risks of Abortion

Please share "Abortion Four Times Deadlier Than Childbirth" from this issue of The Post-Abortion Review with the pro-life groups and pro-life legislators in your state, especially if you have a Woman's Right to Know Act in effect. These laws generally require the State Department of Public Health to prepare a booklet describing the risks of abortion.


These risk disclosure booklets routinely reflect pro-abortion propaganda, unequivocally reassuring women that the mortality rate of abortion is less than the mortality rate of childbirth. They do not inform women that there are no reporting requirements for abortion complications and that the actual mortality rates for abortion in the United States are highly speculative.


Public pressure should be brought on the states to remove such misleading and poorly qualified claims from these booklets. Instead, the full comparison of pregnancy-associated deaths as documented by STAKES should be given to women.


In addition, these booklets should also be amended to provide specific warnings regarding increased risk of suicide attempts, suicide, and substance abuse. Whenever possible, this information should also be given to the patient's parents or spouse so they may be watchful for any signs of emotional deterioration after an abortion.


Conversely, these booklets should also be amended to explain the protective effect of childbirth in lowering the risk of many physical and psychological problems compared not only to abortion, but also to the general population of women. Choosing life is not only good for children, it's good for the health of young women.


Originally published in The Post-Abortion Review, 8(2), April-June 2000.  Copyright 2000, Elliot Institute.

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