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Giving Sorrow Words:
Women's Stories of Grief

After Abortion


NEW! Journalist and women's rights advocate Melinda Tankard Reist draws on women's own stories to examine the social, familial, and coercive pressures that lead to abortion. Includes 18 personal testimonies from women who have been there.


Price: $14.95 plus shipping.
Call 1-888-412-2676.

Making Abortion Rare:
A Healing Strategy
for a Divided Nation


Examines the importance of post-abortion healing and research to ending the abortion controversy.


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Price: $14.95 plus shipping.
Call 1-888-412-2676.



The Jericho Plan:
Breaking Down the Walls Which Prevent Post-Abortion Healing


Discusses spiritual aspects related to abortion and how to promote post-abortion healing, especially within churches. A great gift for pastors!


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Price: $8.95 plus shipping. Call 1-888-412-2676.




Forbidden Grief:
The Unspoken Pain of Abortion


A therapist offers insight into the emotional and psychological trauma women may face after abortion. A must-read for those seeking to understand the impact of abortion and the need for recovery.

Most complete overview of abortion's emotional effects available.


"... brilliant, insightful, and troubling but ultimately hopeful ..." Dr. Joe Scerbo, President, Association of Christian Therapists


Price: $17.95 plus shipping.
Call 1-888-412-2676.

Victims and Victors:
Speaking Out About Their Pregnancies, Abortions, and Children Resulting from Sexual Assault


Is abortion helpful for, or even wanted by, women who become pregnant following sexual assault? Learn the answer from nearly 200 women who have been there.


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Price: $11.95 plus shipping. Call 1-888-412-2676.




Detrimental Effects of Abortion: An Annotated Bibliography with Commentary (Third Edition)


The most complete reference book on studies related to abortion complications. Great for researchers and libraries.


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Price: $34.95 plus shipping. Call 1-888-412-2676.



Aborted Women,
Silent No More

This was the first major summary of research and testimonies regarding the abortion experience of women. It started it all!  And it is still an invaluable resource, covering material you will find no where else.


Price: $24.95 plus shipping.

Call 1-888-412-2676.

Reversing the Gender Gap:
The Essential Guide
for Pro-Life Candidates


The essential guide for pro-life candidates, lobbyists, and spokespersons. Give this to pro-life politicians, or use it yourself. It is easily mailed in a regular business-sized envelope.


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Call 1-888-412-2676 for pricing information and to order.


Note: This booklet is not included in the 50% off sale.


Hope and Healing

Our important, low-cost, 12-page newspaper supplement on post-abortion issues.


If you're looking for an easy way to educate loved ones, this is the best place to start.


If you're looking for an inexpensive way to reach hundreds or thousands through your work, church, or organization, this is a GREAT place to start!


Note: We only have a very limited number of copies left. If you are interested in ordering copies or seeking permission to print them locally, call 1-888-412-2676
or send an email to:

The Post-Abortion Review

A quarterly publication that keeps you up to date sent to all of our donors. Note: This product is not included in the 50% off sale.


 The Jericho Plan plus Making Abortion Rare plus The Post-Abortion Review for only $30.

Fact Sheets and Flyers

FREE!! Educate others on the effects of abortion and the epidemic of coerced, forced and unwanted abortions.

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