Transform Your Church


Is abortion a divisive issue in your church?

It doesn’t have to be!

Abortion needn’t be a divisive issue in your church. New evidence reveals that most (not all) abortions are unwanted or coerced. Some are forced. Many among us are still at risk or already hurt. Share new evidence with your church leaders. Ask your pastor to preach about this issue. Open doors to help, unity, hope and restoration.

Discussions about abortion are often strident and polarizing. Some pastors find preaching on abortion difficult because they fear angering or dividing their congregations. Others avoid the issue because they believe it is mostly a political concern. Pro-lifers are often frustrated at the perceived lack of leadership on this issue, and concerned that silence can leave those facing crisis pregnancies more vulnerable to abortion, especially coerced and unwanted abortions.

Women, men and families who have been directly or indirectly involved in abortion often feel unable to speak about it, expecting either dismissal or condemnation from others. They may have been hurt by thoughtless remarks or media rhetoric that only added to their pain. As a result, many sit in the pews feeling silenced and alone — or end up leaving the church altogether.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Join The Church Awareness Project

You can help your pastor, church leaders and others in your faith community (including yourself) learn how to break through these obstacles and foster a community that is both pro-woman and pro-life.

How? It starts with educating yourself and your church leaders.

Learn how you can raise awareness of unwanted abortions and other abortion-related risks. Turn your church into a place of support, compassion and respect for the dignity of both women and unborn children. Learn how your church can foster healing for women, men and families who have been hurt by abortion.

Sign up to be a part of the Church Awareness Project and receive free educational materials, resources for your church and more. Take part in special upcoming awareness event to mobilize our churches on this issue. Share these materials with your pastor, church and ministry leaders, and others at your place of worship.

You can start by getting our Church Leader’s Kit for yourself or to share with you pastor, church and ministry leaders and others in your faith community (will send you the kit when you sign up for the Church Awareness Project).

The kit includes a copy of our guide for pastors — The Jericho Plan: Breaking Down the Walls Which Prevent Post-Abortion Healing — and additional educational material, along with an explanatory letter.

The Church Leader’s Kit will:

  • Raise awareness that most abortions are unwanted or coerced, and educate your religious leaders about this issue and the other injustices and risks faced by those undergoing abortions
  • Help your pastor or religious leaders learn to talk about abortion in unifying, truthful and compassionate way that is both pro-woman and pro-life
  • Help your church or place of worship become a more welcoming, compassionate and healing place for women and men who are hurting or traumatized by abortion.
  • Learn how to help members of your church become advocates for both women and their unborn children.

People like you can help transform our churches.

We need people like you to share this information with your pastor and faith community.

You can do this by joining the Church Awareness Project, and encouraging your pastor, church and ministry leaders, and others at your place of worship to do so as well. You will receive free educational materials and resources that your church can use, and a chance to be a part of an upcoming awareness event to mobilize our churches. Be sure to ask your pastor, church leaders and others you know to sign up too!

To sign up, simply fill out the form at the right. You will receive an email with instructions about how to download the Church Leader’s Kit and other ways to be a part of the Church Awareness Project.


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31 Responses to About this project


    Abortion is a vice that has affected our world of today because it has a medical ground.people use its medical ground to induce abortion.something which is a blessing now is a curse.even in africa life was so sacred that if a woman was pregnant she was taken care of to protect both.but what is happening nowdays?god forgive us we dont know what we are doing.

    • Rudy Poglitsh says:

      Simba-your name suggests you live in Africa. I do too. I write letters to the Times of Swaziland, the main newspaper in Swaziland, emphasizing how we must protect women and children, especially from abortion. You can read the letters I have written at and at I encourage you to turn your concern into action. Consider sending pro-life letters to your local newspaper. Feel free to use mine anyway you like.

      Rudy C. Poglitsh

      • Lillian Mulgrew says:

        Rudy and Simba, not only will you be protecting children and parents by your concern but also the countries of Africa. Though Africa is not overpopulated, at 85 people per square mile, the same as the U.S. ( UK has 1010 people in the same size area), its countries are being targeted by what I believe is an international anti-life, for-profit, cartel, made up of some “first-world” countries, the UN, pharmaceutical corporations and abortion corporations. One must ask why the Gates Foundation’s leadership has spearheaded the efforts to depopulate Africa. I have to believe that it is primarily about money and secondly about racial genocide. They are pushing the dangerous drug Depo-Provera. (see Vicki Thorn’s lecture ‘What They Never Told You in Sex-Ed’) which can cause acute and chronic illness and death, is implicated in the rise of HPV and HIV among users, and profoundly alters a woman’s physiology for months after use. It also impacts her relationship with partners. Estrogen containing drugs, have been associated with stroke and pulmonary emboli, since first marketed. Excreted estrogen by-products have been polluting water for decades and male fish, all over the world, are producing eggs. Estrogen is listed as a Class 1 carcinogen, by the WHO, along with tobacco and asbestos.
        Fight for your countries because not only the lives of men, women and children are at risk. Many of these drugs are abortifacients and, along with surgical abortion, cause the death of one generation and the loss of all the progeny from each of those children. The Lord says “Choose Life, so that you AND your children will live”.
        Economies are failing, all over the world, because they have few young people and older people purchase less.

    • So poignant, so well-said.

  2. Margarita German says:

    I am eagerly anticipating your material. i have used it effectively in training in comming groups of new volunteers at our local Care Net. I am sure this will be just as excellent.

  3. Kathryn Cherico says:

    I look forward to this next step. I have been burdened for this a long time..years.
    We initiated a post abortion support class for men and women (Save One”)
    initiated in Nashville, TN where I am. Our leader offered her testomony and she was never called upon. There was little promo done and really, I do understand.
    It is a wall. None can name ALL of the bricks that have built it……Thanks

  4. Eugene A. Maddox says:

    Thank you!

  5. Rev'd Francis Audi Collins says:

    Abortion in whatever form be it medical or otherwise is evil and does not solve any problem,two wrongs do not make aright it is one evil leading to other evils.God forbid

  6. Eileen Pressler says:

    I appreciate all your work and resources. This Church Awareness Campaign and the Church leaders kit is going to be a real blessing to our efforts here in Sarajevo to educate and motivate the Body Of Christ here. God Bless you.

  7. Marlene Lombardo says:

    As a 22 year charter member of our parish’s Respect Life and Family Ministry, I am looking forward to receiving The Jericho Kit, as an aid in educating and touching the hearts of our pastor and parish leaders as to the vital importance of a parish-sponsored
    pro-life program.

  8. Someone on Facebook suggested holding a special remembrance for individuals and families who lost a child through abortion, miscarriage, suicide, illness and/or pregnancy-related or other violence. This would make it easier for those directly or indirectly involved in abortion to come without being singled out before they may be ready to witness or openly share their story.

    Many parents among us think abortion is just a “political” debate and don’t realize their own daughters and loved ones – especially younger women or families vulnerable to coercion – are at risk of coercion and aftereffects that can include serious depression, trauma, life-threatening physical injury or even death from all causes, including but not limited to suicide.

    Families among us have lost not just an unborn child or grandchild but a daughter. Others have daughters who may be hiding coercion or post-abortion issues. Still others may have daughters at risk who need to know this is an urgent concern in our own midst.

    • sally says:

      I know first hand what it feels like to be scared & angry because I was raised so strict that I placed my parents in such a high pedastol,that I couldn’t reach them when I needed them. I became pregnant at 19. My boyfriend at the time didn’t have much to say, he never stepped up. We had been dating for 2 years at the time. When I saw the lack of support from the one person I loved & trusted. I became numb and put an emotional distance between me & my unborn baby,the baby,became “an it” so that I could go through what I was so against…killing my baby. Back in those days there were no programs or outreach for young or older women.Eventually , I got saved,went through a divorce,and the Lord opened the door to start my healing.I was invited by my church to attend a week end retreat at a private residence to heal from my abortion, this was the first time I heard of P.A.S.(post abortion syndrome) it was taught by an R.N. who use to assist in abortions! she too got saved and the Lord led her into a ministry called “Silent Voices” in chula Vista,California, that week end changed my life & my faith in the God that I serve,I knew all these years of suffering were meant to heal,to forgive & train me so I could share it with other women. A few years ago I was able to invite one of the directors from Silent Voices to my church to give a small seminar about abortion,I was able to give my testimony and talk about the dangers of abortion. Surprisingly, my pastor’s wife came up to me after the seminar & shared her story. She herself had a coerced abortion,her mother-in-law & her husband coerced her at 16 years old to have one,she said it took many years to forgive her husband and he took along time to forgive himself. we are a small church but I would love to start a program for women on healing from their abortions and a program to educate the young girls girls in our church.
      Thank You for caring enough to keep spreading the word about abortion.You are definetly doing the Lord’s work!

      • A.C. says:

        Sally, thanks for sharing your story. It is tragic and all too common, but the tide is turning thanks in large part to people like you who have the courage to share your story and to reach out to help others.

    • Mary LaFramcisRN retired says:

      You spoke my words, anguish! Thanks and God Bless!

  9. Sue Forlife says:

    Sue Forlife Per Operation Rescue, 42% of US abortions are bought by Protestant women and another 27% are bought by Catholic women. Meaning-of all women who were willing to declare their religion, 69% were Christians. ( 7% did not specify a religion-therefore some of these may also be of a Christian denomination). This is why it is so important to get our church leaders up to speed-this is a call to action!

  10. Monde M.C. Imasiku says:

    I believe life is about life, all we need to continue the awareness especially in church circles (Hosea 4 vs 4-10). The lack of knowledge from the Church’s perspective, has led many people especially medical professional including myself, have fallen in the trap of working in abortion wards unknowly as part of my duty, until i knew life is life and is sacred.
    I hope, pray and ask for the Lord’s mercy and seek His Grace that, the Church leaders involvement with use of developed kit will indeed bring back the moral of Sacredness of Human life and help all pro-lifers individuals, families and groups actively participate.
    Welldone for developing the seed of thought of Church awareness, and to God we give the greater Glory – Amen

    • As far as we are creating awareness in america and other contnents,you are too required to it in africa more especially kenya where i do come from.there alot innocent killing of unborn,same i have witness myself floating in ready to work with you but i have no facts at hand i can give people of kenya.kindly assist me to get materials.

  11. fid levri says:

    There is a bold sign along a main highway in Morgantown,Ky. that says:


    Thankyou for your beautiful ministry.

  12. Simba – you can download free materials at and as well as and if you sign up in the “Join the Project” box above (right side of page) you’ll get further information and directions.

    Monde brings up an important point. Abortion reaches every sector of society. Workers in the medical field and elsewhere may – unwittingly or otherwise – be directly or indirectly involved. Hospitals, pharmacies, social services and other “helping professions” and institutions, educators and students (coercion happens in schools without parents’ knowledge and some teachers or school counselors may pressure or misrepresent facts) and the legal profession where existing laws do not sufficiently hold abortion providers or coercers accountable for unwanted abortions or many serious, even deadly post-abortion issues.

    Even shopping malls now have “express clinics” that sell contraceptives and more, and refer to abortion clinics. The mall owner is now involved, too.

    Pregnant employees are pressured to abort, too, or even killed for resisting. In the Forced Abortion in America report ( & elsewhere, there are reports of women being threatened with physical harm (one boss threatened to push a pregnant employee down the stairs when she resisted his abortion suggestion), or job loss (paramedics, coaches, even a maternity retailer) or worse.

    Churches have a lot of work to do to protect, lead, advocate and heal their flock!

  13. John says:

    I’m signing up

  14. Jessica says:

    All of you are blessings and the world needs more people like you. Holy Moses ( I know to some that’s offinsive and sorry if you take it that way).
    I’m against abortion and have been since I’ve known what it’s all about and will always be against it and the only one in my high school to brouch the subject (I had to write a positions paper on something and I chose that) and got in the 90’s for it.
    I have suffered because of others abortions because I’ve known about them in secret and it broke my heart and put up a wall and caused issues from me knowing about it because of the heartach it caused those people. I’m with you all the way on this and this also happens with the mentally retarded in this country if the family is pro-choice. It’s heart wrenching and dishearting and it it’s like that in other countries than each and everyone of you need to take it to the embisies and stand up for those people as well (which I know you’re doing any way). I’m signing up for this and all the churches need to know that if you tell women that the morning after pill is acceptable than I hope that you wake up and stop telling women to get it or put their daughters on it . It’s still abortion and is murder and wrong. If the church is trying to reach people in remote parts of the world tell them everything possiable and don’t leave out anything.
    We are the light in dark times and the more people who come on this the more people can take Roe V. Wade (1973 supreme court rulling on womens right to abortion and the privacy surrounding those rights) and can tell all the people in the wrong to shove it. Bad choice of words but it has to be said because this is not a good thing and it needs to end. Keep hanging in there and banging on the heavenly doors for the unborn …

  15. Dana says:

    Many women suffer in silence from having experienced abortion. These women were told by medical Dr’s that this was just a blob of tissue. The abortion industry makes millions of dollars off of exploiting women who are pregnant with their fear.

  16. Laryssa says:

    I’m not sure why but this website is loading very slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

  17. Rosalie McCormici says:

    I have been involved with pro-abortion for many years–but so much lately. this project may be what can get more help for those needing it. thank you

  18. Chele Weiglein says:

    Our church and local pregnancy center are expounding on current offerings by beginning a broader version of our current post abortion outreach. Looking forward to see what Elliott has to offer for us.

  19. Ready for realistic actions says:

    Abortion is indeed a very serious issues. It is comforting to know that there are groups or institutions who have a genuine interest to discuss the facts about this apparent ‘silent’ issue. The information that I have been reading thus far is indeed an eye opener/enlightener for me especially that most abortions are coerced or unwanted. Over the past weeks, I have been seriously considering my role or what can I do to assist others in a meaningful way who may be contemplating an abortion or more so post abortion persons. Many persons for years do indeed suffer serious condemnation, guilt and regret and need to be aware that there is a healing process and can get help. I strongly agree that it is basically a non issue in many churches and that it is high time to “speak out” so that valuable lives can be saved and that post abortion women, men and families can get the healing that they truly need.

  20. So thankful that my Pastor at Calvary Chapel Temecula speak firm truth right from the Bible. He is outstanding and many at our church are more open to discuss this in public thanks to his Godly messages. Thanks Pastor Gary and staff for working with Birth Choice of Temecula.

  21. Does anyone know the current statistic for the percent of women and men who are post-abortive who are in the evangelical church? I would also need the source documentation, as I would like to use it when I speak about this topic. Thanks!

  22. Christina, Hopefully you have already found the answer to your question. The Guttmacher Institute is currently estimating that between 33% and 40% of women of childbearing ages will have an abortion by age 45. Approximately 70% identify as Christian.
    The IRMA Network has a team of men and women who look forward to telling their stories about God’s healing and forgiveness after the trauma of abortion, knowing that “The POST-abortive will STOP abortion,” and bringing hope to others who are dealing with abortion’s dark aftermath. Keep speaking the truth.

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