Coerced Abortion Awareness Week

“Many church-goers don’t realize what is really going on with regard to women before abortion. It isn’t easy bringing up the topic in everyday conversation, but it’s important to raise awareness of these issues, so the Church Awareness Project is a great idea. I’m sure, all in good time, it will take hold. I have passed your materials/sites/links on to pro-life leaders and always receive positive feedback.” — P. Alice DeYong

Church DoorOur churches are at the forefront of defending the authentic, God-given rights of unborn children and their mothers. They are also at the forefront of providing resources, care, and spiritual and emotional support for those at risk of unwanted or coerced abortions or already hurt by abortion.

But as our Church Awareness Survey showed, although many in our churches are working to help those facing these issues, this work often remains hidden. Too many people in our churches remain unaware that most abortions are unwanted or coerced, that forced abortions happen here, and of so many other struggles before or after abortion facing the women and men sitting in the pews next to them — or their families, friends and loved ones in the larger community. Too often, people haven’t heard that there is another way.

When we launched the Church Awareness Project last fall, we sent out copies of the Church Leader’s Kit for participants to share with their pastor, church leaders or others in their faith community. We knew that if we wanted to make a real change in the Church, we had to start with educating those in leadership positions.

Now we are moving to the next phase in our project: Coerced Abortion Awareness Week/Project Candlelight which will be held from April 3-10.

Coerced Abortion Awareness Week/Project Candlelight

April is Abortion Recovery Awareness Month for many post-abortion healing groups. They will be joining others in outreach efforts and offering encouragement to those struggling after abortion.

We also want to focus on what happens before abortion. Few people in our churches are aware that most abortions are not really “chosen” — they are unwanted or coerced. Our churches can and should be the first to offer support to those facing a challenging pregnancy or being coerced into an unwanted abortion, and those who are hurting because of a past abortion. Yet many people in our churches never hear anything about pregnancy- or abortion-related issues.

So this April, we encourage you, your faith leaders, and all the members of your church or faith group to participate in this week. We want to shed light on these hidden issues. This is an opportunity to speak up, defend the rights of others, provide support, and offer hope and healing.

In fact, the number one, most important way to get the message out to people in your church or faith community is to have your pastor or preacher talk about it from the pulpit. This lets people in the pews know that they are not alone, that help is available and that they will have the support of their entire faith community behind them.

Shed light, share new hope! Click the links below to learn more about this project and a list of free resources, activities and ideas for individuals, small groups and entire churches to take part in Project Candlelight during Coerced Abortion Awareness Week — or at anytime during the month of April or the whole year.

Letter to Participants

List of Activities and Ideas for Project Candlelight/Coerced Abortion Awareness Week (and throughout the year!)

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2 Responses to Coerced Abortion Awareness Week

  1. Even some men are hurting because girls killed their baby. I also think of the number of service men with children over sees who will never see their baby mostly because of the Japanese Tsumani, family situations in the family and biaracial. How many babies are aborted because the girls parents know they will be biaricial?

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