The Power of Prayer

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your paths.”  (Prov 3:5,6)

Prayer is powerful. It enlightens and uplifts hearts, minds and souls. Through God’s grace, it can lead to lives saved, healing for the hurting and broken, and transformation of the culture from within. It can lead to miracles.

Krystal Edens writes at the Bound4Life blog about a powerful experience of answered prayer:

My small assignment, or so I thought, was to pray once a week at the closest Planned Parenthood clinic from me (which happened to be only 12 minutes away). I spent many Thursday nights sitting in my car alone in the parking lot: praying, facing the abortion center, wondering if I was making a difference.

Should I gather others to come with me? I thought one day. The bigger the better, right? However, that was not what God had in mind. He wanted me to do this alone.

Sometimes my prayers were along the lines of Why am I doing this?, rather than focusing on what and Who I am doing this for. Besides, what effect do the prayers of one teenage girl have anyway?

I wanted to be faithful with the assignment God gave me, yet I found myself occasionally missing some weeks. My spring semester of college ended, so going back home for the summer put it on pause.

Returning to Dallas for my fall semester, I hit the ground running with college. I really want to make time to pray at that abortion center, I thought as I looked at my schedule. Early one Wednesday evening, I carved out an hour to quickly go to the clinic to pray – then make it home in time for dinner.

Pulling into the parking lot, I saw a “For Lease” sign across the stripped building.

It dawned on me: the abortion center was closed. Tears welled up in my eyes as I thought of the little lives who would be saved.

As I sniffed back my runny nose and the “ugly cry” continued, I heard the Lord gently whisper in my ear: “Krystal, I told you that all I needed is you – just one person.” The Lord wanted to show me the power of one girl praying.

Here are four ways that you and others in your church and faith community can pray for those at risk of abortion, those being pressured or coerced to abort, and those who are suffering after abortion.

1. Pray for those impacted by these issues and invite others in your church or community to do so as well. Download, copy and distribute our list of prayer intentions to families, prayer groups, ministries, etc. Use these pro-woman/pro-life intentions at a prayer service, liturgy, Sunday service or other event. Use and meditate on these encouraging scripture verses, too.

2. Hold a prayer breakfast, service or other event with a speaker from a local post-abortion healing ministry or someone who can share their personal story of abortion. Or have someone read  personal testimonies from those who have been there (making sure people know they are reading someone else’s story. Use the prayer intentions and scripture verses to pray for those who are at risk of abortion, those facing an unwanted or coerced abortion and those who have been hurt by a past abortion.

3. Share and pray about excerpts from our Forced Abortion in America special report with others to raise awareness that there are women in your community who might be at risk for abuse, discrimination or violence if they become pregnant. Commit to praying for those at risk of pregnancy- and abortion-related violence and individuals and families already hurt. These stories are difficult but important to read. End on a hopeful note by sharing and meditating on these scripture verses, too.

Post or have information on hand in your church about local crisis pregnancy centers or others who might be able to help women who are victims of violence (note: be sure that these resources will not encourage or pressure the woman to abort if she is in a violent situation). You can find a list of national resources here.

4. Consider a day of personal or group prayer and fasting for this project and these intentions. Remember those still at risk of coercion and unwanted or deceptively informed or sold abortions. Pray for those already hurt or killed, often two at a time when mothers die, too, before or after abortion. Keep this effort going by committing to praying and fasting once a week or once a month for these intentions.

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2 Responses to The Power of Prayer

  1. rita o connor says:

    thanks for this testamony of the fruit of one person praying[even unnoticed in her car] outside abortion clinic.
    This will encourage our efforts and help in perseverance despite not seening the fruit of our efforts yet.

  2. ursula beckmann says:

    This is a MOST powerful story . NEEDS re-tellling. How can I get a copy of the

    “POWER OF PRAYER ” and 4 things to DO. Would like to distribute.

    Thanks for your help ursula

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