Contacting Your Lobbyists and Legislators About Our Model Bill

Would you like to see a law in your state that would put an end to coerced abortions and unsafe, one-size-fits-all counseling and assembly-line abortions that are routine at abortion clinics?

You can help by contacting pro-life and pro-family legislators and lobbyists in your state and urging them to adopt the Elliot Institute’s model negligent screening legislation in your state. (You can learn more about this legislation at

Talking About the Legislation

Don’t know how to get started? Here are a few practical ideas for how to talk about this legislation with legislators and lobbyists:

  • Ask if they know about the new law requiring abortionists to screen for coercion and other risk factors for psychological problems after abortion that are shared by the majority of women undergoing abortions.
  • Tell them that the Elliot Institute has a model bill at that holds abortionists accountable for negligent screening and other risk factors for psychological problems after abortion.
  • Let them know that this legislation will stop the coerced abortions and unsafe, “one-size-fits-all” counseling and assembly-line abortions that are routine in abortion clinics.
  • Encourage them to visit and consider making this legislation a top priority for next year’s legislative sessions.

Be sure to call back in a couple of weeks to ask them if they have read the model bill and what their thoughts are on this. Encourage them to contact the Elliot Institute at (217) 525-8202 or with questions or to talk about how this legislation could work in  their state.

Contacting Legislators and Lobbyists

You may have to do a little research to find the lobbyists typically associated with abortion legislation in your state, but the list below will give you a good start, and anyone associated with these organizations can probably give you the names of other lobbyists or groups who are typically involved.

You can also contact your state legislators, especially any you may know who care about what happens to women and unborn children as a result of abortion.

Share Your Own Ideas

If you’ve talked to anyone in your state, or want to share your thoughts or suggestions about how to talk to lobbyists and legislators about the model legislation, please let us know below! Your input will help others who are lobbying their legislators and lobbyists about this bill.

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