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 The Post-Abortion Review

This quarterly publication focuses on the impact of abortion on women, men, siblings and society, through summaries of the latest research findings, first hand testimonies, and critiques of pro-abortion propaganda.

Pro-life leaders agree that we are providing the entire pro-life movement with the ammunition we need to defeat the pro-abortionist's claim that abortion helps women. Here are some comments from leaders who have endorsed our work:

  • "David Reardon has been a pioneer in developing insights into post-abortion trauma. His newsletter is excellent. Every one serving the pro-life cause should read it."--- Wanda Franz, Pres., National Right to Life Committee 
  • "Highly Recommended. Here is an objective publication dealing with a subject that the major media insists does not exist."-- Judie Brown, Pres., American Life League 
  • "A great source for information that can't be found anywhere else. This research will be critical to the resolution of public policy on abortion."-- Paige Cunningham, Pres., Americans United for Life 
  • "Keen insights. Moving Testimonies. Priceless data. The Post-Abortion Review is a treasure."-- Mark Crutcher, Pres., Life Dynamics 
But the real test of our work is perhaps best measured by its impact on grass roots pro-lifers. This is what some of them are saying: 
  • "Your newsletter is TOP-NOTCH. God bless you for your hard work." 
  • "Incredibly powerful! If only more people would read it, abortion would end!" 
  • "I'm so excited about your new publication. I've gone through an abortion myself, just two years ago. This is a much needed area of research." 
  • "Once in a while I read something that really makes me feel great, and this just happened to me. The whole newsletter is terrific. Keep up the great work!" 
  • "I am realizing more and more (from personal experience) how important your work is. The pro-abortion people may not want to hear about God and life, etc., but they may listen to the results of your studies. This could be an important bridge to saving the unborn. It certainly is already helping the aborted women--I can testify to that!
Past issues have included articles on abortion and the feminization of poverty, teens and abortion, informed consent issues, the problem of forced abortions, the abortion/alcoholism link, how sexual assault victims are exploited by pro- abortionists, the political importance of post-abortion issues, and more.

By documenting how abortionists are injuring the very women they claim to be helping, The Post-Abortion Review is exposing the soft underbelly of the abortion industry. You can help strike the deadly blow to this weak spot, by supporting our research and staying informed, so that you can better educate others.

The Post-Abortion Review is available to donors of only $20 or more. We need both your prayers and financial support. Thank you.

Mail your donation to:

 The Post-Abortion Review
c/o Elliot Institute 
PO Box 7348-WB 
Springfield IL 62791-7348 

 The Elliot Institute is a 501(c)3 organization, and donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by the law.
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