Abortion and Mental Health Deniers’ Attack and Distract Strategy

Ad Hominem Attacks, Guilt by Association, Shifting Standards, Avoiding Simple Truths A Commentary by David C. Reardon, Ph.D. The abortion and mental health controversy shifted into high gear following the recent publication in The British Journal of Psychiatry of a meta-analysis review … Continue reading

New Study Finds Higher Substance Use Rates Among Pregnant Women After Abortion

7/11/2005 Findings Show Women With “Unwanted” Pregnancies Aren’t More Likely to Use Drugs or Alcohol Springfield, IL (July 11, 2005)– A new study published in the British Journal of Health Psychology has found that women with a history of induced … Continue reading

Abortion and Substance Abuse Link Often Overlooked, Women’s Health Review Reports

1/20/2005 Springfield, IL (January 20, 2005) — A new research review published in Current Women’s Health Reviews highlights the growing body of evidence that abortion is linked with increased rates of substance abuse among women. Substance abuse has increased in … Continue reading

Abortion or Birth of Unintended Pregnancy Affects Subsequent Substance Abuse: New Study

6/21/2004 Springfield, IL (June 21, 2004) — A new study published in this month’s American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse strengthens the case for a causal connection between abortion and substance abuse. The study found that among women who … Continue reading

Substance Abuse During Subsequent Pregnancies Higher After an Abortion

12/15/2002 New Study Shows Substance Abuse Among Pregnant Women Linked to Prior Abortion, Puts Later Children At Risk Springfield, IL (December 15, 2002)– Women with a prior history of abortion are twice as likely to use alcohol, five times more … Continue reading