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“Thank you so much for doing this advertising campaign. I truly wish this had been around when I had my abortions many years ago. I am just sitting here crying, thinking, ‘If only …’ It may be too late for me but I know with all my heart you will reach many, many women. This is so necessary and life saving. Thank you again.”  — Jane, Colorado

“I just want to say I am so thankful for your web site. I have a friend who was considering abortion so I sent her to your web site. She called me around two in the morning, crying. Anyway, it changed her mind. I’ll be praying for your ministry. Thanks so much!”  — Jenny, Idaho

“Thank you for your [more than] 20 years of service to our nation by documenting and exposing how legal abortion has been devastating to women, and has significantly increased domestic violence to the point that homicide has tragically become the leading cause of death for pregnant women. … Your invaluable work serves to educate the public about the need to assist desperate women with the financial and moral support they so often lack and need …” — Elizabeth, New York

“I am currently studying to receive my Master’s in Social Work and I have used the studies conducted and promoted by the Elliot Institute countless times in the past year. As a pro-life, pro-woman, faithful Catholic, I seem to be in the minority in the field of social work and have found it difficult to find and use studies that illustrate the truth about abortion. I have geared all of my papers in my classes toward the detrimental effects of abortion, as well as related issues. The Elliot Institute has been an immense help to me as a source of information and reliable studies. I encourage you to keep up the wonderful work!” — Katherine, Texas


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  1. Although I am now severely disabled and my only form of income is SSI, I found it an imperative to donate what little bit that I can to your organization. I know that every little bit combined with other people’s little bit will add up to the necessary resources to continue this fight. In this awful time of diminished social conscience, we need your honesty and you persistence of shining the light on the devastation that abortion creates in the lives of everyone. The frequency of surgical complications and life long effects of this horror is rarely exposed and I am compelled to do what little I can to contribute to this website and your organization. When I was younger (and healthier) I was active in Austin in the local pro-life movement there. I was a PACE counselor for 7 years and, although my work was just a drop in the bucket, I have the satisfaction of knowing that I did what I could when I could. I hope that others will stand up, walk out their doors and find things that they can do to help women and families that have been so injured by this industry. Thank you! Ellen Miller (Binghamton,NY)

    • Thank you so much for your sacrificial gift, your prayers, and for all that you have done and continue to do to help others.

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