Each Abortion Increases Woman’s Risk of Premature Death by 50%, New Study Reports

Abortion and miscarriage are linked to an increased risk of premature death in women, while live birth is associated with improved longevity.  The negative effects are greater for abortion than miscarriage, Each abortion exposure increases the risk of early death by about fifty percent. The elevated risk of death has been identified within the first 180 days following an abortion or miscarriage and may persists for over ten years. 

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New Study Sheds Light on Experiences, Risk Factors of Women Who Struggle After Abortion

1/22/17 Pressure to Abort, Attachment to Pregnancy and Difficulty Making the Decision Widespread Among Women Who Suffer After Abortion A newly-published survey of women who sought help from a crisis pregnancy center after abortion sheds light on the experiences of … Continue reading

Stop Betraying Girls Pregnant Through Rape by Giving Them Abortions

12/11/2017 Women Who’ve Been There Say Abortion Doesn’t Help, Causes More Harm A teen girl is pregnant as a result of rape. Does she need an abortion? That’s what many judges in India seem to be thinking, as yet another … Continue reading

Video: Abortion Increases Women’s Risk of Premature Death

  This video provides an overview of a new systematic review of the medical literature that reveals that each induced abortion a woman undergoes increases her risk of premature death by 50 percent or more. The elevated risk of death … Continue reading