Volume 1, 1993

Volume 1, Number 1, Winter 1993

Elliot Institute’s 1992 Year-End Report

Reproductive History Survey Moves Forward
Progress of survey comparing a random sample of women who’ve had abortions to women who haven’t.

Elliot Institute’s Voice Heard at the Supreme Court
Elliot Institute files an amicus brief for the Supreme Court’s review of Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

The Supreme Court Declares Itself Infallible
The Court refuses to overrule previous decisions.

Responding to Pro-Abortion Researchers
The skewed results of research on post-abortion psychological problems.

Pro-Woman/Pro-Life Initiative
Learn how to successfully debate the abortion issue. Especially helpful for politicians, political candidates, and lobbyists.

Daily Challenges

Looking Ahead to 1993


Volume 1, Number 2, Summer 1993

The Abortion / Suicide Connection
Are post-abortive women more likely to commit suicide?

Trying to Survive
Judith’s story: “The psychologist said ‘Forgive yourself,’ and ‘Let yourself go on.’ She didn’t say how.”

JAMA Gymnastics
The American Medical Association refuses to acknowledge any risks of abortion.

Anguish of an Aborted Mother
A poem


Volume 1, Number 3, Fall 1993

New Study Confirms Link Between Abortion and Substance Abuse
Women who abort are nearly four times more likely to start abusing drugs or alcohol.

Looking for Advice in All the Wrong Places
Colleen’s story: “They took my baby from me while I looked at people walking in the rain.”

Identifying High Risk Abortion Patients
What characteristics make a woman likely to experience problems from abortion.

Abortion and the Feminization of Poverty
How legalized abortion actually oppresses women by contributing to their low economic status.

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