Volume 4, 1996

Volume 4, Number 1, Winter 1996

Women Who Abort: Their Reflections on the Unborn
A glimpse into the thoughts of aborting girls and women.

The Choices We Make
Jill’s story: “My boyfriend wanted nothing to do with me . . .”


Volume 4, Numbers 2 – 3, Spring – Summer 1996

The John and Lorena Bobbitt Mystery, Unraveled
Dr. Reardon analyses the case in the light of Lorena’s coerced abortion.

A Story of Destruction: The Testimony
An abbreviated account of the courtroom transcripts.

Their Deepest Wound: An Analysis
How the abortion affected Lorena, John, and their marriage.

Why the Truth Was Buried
The reasons that the abortion was not emphasized by Lorena’s defense.

The Elliot Institute’s Role in Uncovering the Mystery

Abortion and Domestic Violence
What the Bobbitt case teaches us about the link between abortion and domestic violence.

Who Was Most Guilty?
Dr. Reardon’s opinion.

Catching Up is Hard to Do
Update on the work of the Elliot Institute.


Volume 4, Number 4, Fall 1996

Remembering Thomas
Abortion from a father’s perspective.

Forgotten Fathers and Their Unforgettable Children
The devastating effects of abortion on men.

Restoring Fatherhood Lost
Healing fathers’ wounds from abortion.

Just Let Her Know You Love Her
One post-abortive father expresses his grief.

Men and Abortion, Grief and Healing
Wayne Brauning describes the problems caused by abortion for fathers — and the solution.

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