Volume 6, 1998

Volume 6, Number 1, Winter 1998

When the Doll Breaks 
Psychotherapist Dr. Theresa Karminski Burke uses the example of a college friend to decode the common anti-child behavior in our society.

Abortion Trauma and Child Abuse
Dr. Burke and Dr. Reardon discuss post-abortion trauma as a cause of the rise in child abuse over the last twenty years.

Book Review
Dr. Philip Ney, well-known physician and researcher, explores the link between abortion and child abuse in Deeply Damaged: An Explanation for the Profound Problems Arising from Aborting Babies and Abusing Children.

Secret Births
The real reason behind the actions of teens who conceal pregnancy and abandon their children.

To Those Who Mourn
Theresa Bonapartis, herself a post-abortive woman, offers a message of hope to others suffering from a past abortion.


Volume 6, Number 2, Spring 1998

An Unfinished Fable

First National Conference of Women At Risk Slated
New coalition of those hurt by abortion aims to protect women from dangerous and unwanted abortions.

New Laws Will Provide More Protection for Women
An increasing number of state legislatures are protecting women through right to redress and informed consent laws.

All I Can Give
Poem by a post-abortive woman.

“Misinformed” Consent
Linda’s Story: “I trusted him because he had the title of “doctor.”


Volume 6, Number 3, Summer 1998

Two Wrongs Won’t Make It Right
Incest case exposes shortcomings of judicial and medical reviews of abortion cases.

One Voice Now
The first national Women at Risk Conference.

The Choice
Sally’s story: “It’s your choice, but the life you destroy may be your own.”

New Nursing Course on Post-Abortion Healing Available

Hope and Healing in the Mail
Our compassionate newspaper insert is finally ready.

News Briefs


Volume 6, Number 4, Sept.-Dec. 1998

The Best Kept (Ugly Little) Secret in America
The real story behind the new “emergency contraception.”

The Morning After Pill Act
Model legislation of a consumer protection law.

Substance Abuse During Pregnancy and the Threat of Jail
Laws allowing judges to jail pregnant drug addicts could be used to push drug users toward abortion.

From the Mail Bag

News Briefs

OUR Greatest Need
A poem about the real answer to our problems.

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