Aborted Women, Silent No More

“This may be the most powerful book ever published on abortion.” — Conservative Book Club

“Quite simply indispensable. From this point on, any feminist who fails to acknowledge … abortion trauma can justly be accused of indifference to women’s pain.” — Juli Loesch, Feminists for Life, Harmony

Aborted Women, Silent No More
by David C. Reardon

This is the book that is redefined the abortion debate, bringing post-abortion issues center stage.

A comprehensive review of the aftereffects of abortion, this book documents:

  • The physical aftereffects of abortion
  • The psychological aftereffects of abortion
  • Characteristics of high-risk abortion patients
  • Post-abortion conversion and reconciliation patterns
  • Complete testimonies of 20 aborted women
  • A detailed national survey of 252 aborted women

It is a definitive work. Focus On The Family’s CITIZEN magazine calls it the “standard reference book on post-abortion problems.” Booklist, the professional librarian’s buying guide, rates it “highly recommended.” Librarian’s World recommends it as “an excellent resource recommended for all libraries.” Pro-life reviewers are even less restrained:

  • “Deeply researched…powerful analysis…thoroughly readable.” – Fidelity
  • “Moving, thoughtful, and informative.” – Rev. Richard John Neuhaus, Author
  • “An expose’ of the unscrupulous abortion merchants.”- Cal Thomas, syndicated columnist
  • “Cuts through platitudes…gives exploited women a voice.”- National Catholic Reporter
  • “Do yourself a favor and buy this book.”- Dr. Wanda Franz, President, National Right to Life
  • “Well-written, informative, powerful and in the end hopeful.” – Voices in the Wilderness

25th Anniversary of the Classic
That Redefined the Abortion Debate

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the original publication of Aborted Women, Silent No More, we are offering 25% off this book for a limited time. See below for ordering information.

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