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Help After Abortion Page
This is the most updated list of links and descriptions of post-abortion counseling programs, including email based services, along with tips and recommendations for those searching for a post-abortion counseling (or get this information in pdf format by downloading our Help & Healing Booklet).

Men’s Page
Men are impacted by abortion too. Visit this page for articles, testimonies and links to sites offering healing programs for men.

How to Help Others Booklet
What to say — and not to say — when someone you love is struggling after abortion.

Pregnancy Help Page
Information, help and resources for pregnant women and girls and their loved ones

The Center Against Forced Abortion
Provides legal resources and help for women and girls who are being coerced or forced to abort.

Hope and Healing
A primer on how to help yourself and others find healing.

Steps to Healing from Abortion
Seven things you can do to move toward healing after an abortion.

Help for Others
Learn how to reach out to your friends and loved ones who have had abortions.

Do You Suffer From Post-Abortion Stress?
This questionnaire can help you find out.

John Paul II’s Message of Healing to Women Who Have Had Abortions

Articles on Abortion & Healing

Former Abortion Clinic Director Apologizes to Women
“For the lives I have taken, ‘I’m sorry’ just seems hollow to even say.  How do you apologize for killing thousands of children and wounding thousands of families?  I’m not sure I have an answer.  But I AM sorry.

“I am sorry to the women I coerced into abortion.  I am sorry to every woman who has ever had an abortion; you may never hear those words from the person who performed your abortion, but I want you to hear it from me on behalf of that doctor or clinic worker.”

Women Need to Know There Are Alternative Ways to Deal With the Emotions Left After They’ve Terminated
“But if you’ve done all this tweeting and shouting, and still find that you’re struggling with your abortion, please know that I love you. I truly, genuinely care about your happiness and well-being. As a feminist I don’t want to see a woman living under any type of oppression, whether it’s societally inflicted or emotional and self-induced. So if you do struggle with a past abortion, and have yet to make peace with it, please please please reach out to me. I’d love nothing more that to help you find healing so you can live a life free from that bondage.

“And if that’s not you, if you’re someone who chose abortion and think it’s the best decision you ever made, I want you to know that I Iove you too. This isn’t about guilting or shaming anyone, it’s just about letting women who don’t handle things in the same way know that there are other options when it comes to processing a past abortion. Pro-choice can’t just apply to ending a pregnancy. Women need to know there are also alternative ways to deal with the emotions left after they’ve terminated.”

After Abortion, Nothing is Wrong With You if You Are Hurting
“The message to women is clear. ‘If your abortion is bothering you long term,  you must have had psychological problems before, or lack of support, because most people feel alleviated.’ In other words, something is wrong with you if you are suffering from your abortion, as if taking the life of your baby is not a reason to be suffering! Of course, no problem, you can call the abortion clinic to help you get to the point of denial by allowing them to help you get over it!

“Sadly, many women fall for this deceit and spend years struggling silently (with really no support as after the abortion most people who know do not even want to deal with you) with the loss of their child and the emotions surrounding it. My hope is that women who have gotten real help are speaking to other women who are suffering, and that they are able to find places to go to who acknowledge their feelings without making them feel like something is wrong with them, because there isn’t! Women are not programed to take part in killing their children and that is enough reason to feel the way they do. Still, there is hope and there is healing…I know and so do countless other women because we have been there!”

No One Told Me I Could Cry
At the end of class I casually mentioned that girls who have abortions or make adoption plans for their babies can also grieve deeply. Little did I know what that one statement would do.

Three girls came to my office that afternoon. Every one of them had had an abortion. Each one had a story that tore at my heart. They were all mourning for their babies and didn’t know it. Their trust in me led me to love them even more than I already did. …

Yes, There is Help & Healing After Abortion
You deserved more than you received. You deserved a hand to hold, an ear to listen to your fears, a voice to tell you it would be okay. You met a boy you adored. He told you he loved you and talked about marriage. You felt safe and special, and you gave your virginity to him. Your heart was soaring because he appeared to be your perfect match. Then something between you changed; he said it was you. He said you weren’t the girl he fell in love with and he left. Then you found out you were pregnant.

Beautiful girl with the heart wrenching story, I have something to share with you. You are loved and you are not alone. I know you never imagined your time at college would include such heartbreak and pain. I know you trusted someone and found yourself rejected. I know you think your abortion is a secret you will have to hide from the ones you love. I want you to know there is hope. …

Stories From Women Who’ve Been There

Men’s Stories of Abortion

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Help During Pregnancy
Help After Abortion
Center Against Forced Abortions



Articles Related to Post-Abortion Healing — 2 Comments

    • Ambivalence . . . or doubts or hesitation about having an abortion . . . is one of the key risk factors that predicts which women are most likely to have the worst psychological reactions to abortion. Read more about the risk factors for negative reactions here.

      Please don’t put yourself through this terrible experience. Your doubts and hesitation are actually a grace . . . warning you away from a choice that will otherwise haunt and hurt you for the rest of your life.

      Given these risk factors, it is almost certain t will hurt you psychologically, and may also have negative long term physical effects on you and/or future pregnancies.

      What can we do to help you? Please, reach out to a pregnancy help center or church for friendship, support, and encouragement that can really make a difference to you . . . and may save the life of your child, a child you will love and treasure for the rest of your life.

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