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Finding News You Can Use

Here are just a few sources for pro-life news and information through email and the Internet:

Email News Lists

Elliot Institute Infrequent. Updates on the Elliot Institute and news releases related to post-abortion issues. Request by clicking on the button below:

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American Life League Weekly. Broad coverage. Request by email to communique@all.org.

Women & Children First Daily. Broad coverage. Lots of pro-life political news. Include “subscribe” in header and body of email to infonetrequest@prolifeinfo.org

EPearls Monthly. Broad coverage. Request by email to johnwood@msn.com

Kaiser Daily Health Reports Daily. Thorough update on wide variety of “reproductive issues.” Pro-abortion, pro-population control slant, but very professional and does report many pro-life initiatives and reactions. Excellent for keeping track of “the other side.” Sign up at www.kff.org/register/

Lutherans for Life Request at lfldjj@nevia.net

On Line News Updates

Lifesite www.lifesite.net

Pontifical Council for the Family www.vinculumnews.com

ProLife ENews www.interlife.org

Originally published in The Post-Abortion Review 7(4) Oct. – Dec. 1999. Copyright 1999 Elliot Institute.

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