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Note: We only have a very limited number of copies left. If you are interested in buying this item or seeking rights to do your own printing locally, please contact us at 1-888-412-2676 or amy@afterabortion.org.

Leave it on the literature rack at your church or office. Donate some to your crisis pregnancy center. Ask you ob/gyn to keep copies in his or her office. Leave one at the airport or laundromat. Be creative!

Single Sample Copy — $1 includes postage

Quantity Cost (includes shipping charges within the continental U.S.)
2 to 20 $0.75 per copy
50 $20
100 $33
200-500 $23 per 100
600-1000 $20 per 100
over 1000 call (217) 525-8202

Donations to help distribute Hope and Healing are welcome and should be sent to:

Elliot Institute PO Box 7348-H Springfield, IL 62791-7348


Hope and Healing Order Form — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you so much for your articles Dr. Reardon, I really appreciate your understanding and empathy for women who have gone through abortion. I respect you so much. I also believe that the best way to end abortion is not by condemning women and shaming them who have gone through such a painful process; but by expressing to others that it’s this very process thought by so many of the general public that abortion is an easy fix( I know I did; but soon found out I was terribly wrong). I also think that the more other women speak out about how abortion hurts women; people will begin to understand that abortion is not the right answer for any pregnancy and that women need compassion; not judgement when going through such a painful ordeal.
    Thank you again Dr. Reardon, your book was the best book I read on post abortion healing ever. I really believe you have done a whole lot of emphatising with women and are like Jesus in that you express others to forgive us and not condemn. Thank you again. Could you send me a copy or two of the Hope and Healing Order Form?
    Respectfully yours, Kim Blackowiak. Also, I would be happy to help you with any further research or anything else you may need.
    God bless. Kim

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