Are You Suffering from Post-Abortion Stress?

Are You Suffering from Post-Abortion Stress?

Q1: Do you find yourself struggling to turn off feelings or memories related to your abortion(s)? Do you need to keep reminding yourself to just forget it or put it behind you?

Do you become uncomfortable around reminders of the abortion, such as being around babies or pregnant women, being in a doctor’s office, or when hearing news reports about abortion?

Q2: Do you feel nervous or anxious at the idea of others knowing about your abortion?

If you have shared your abortion experience with others, were you overcome with strong feelings, such as anger, grief or pain, while talking about it?

Do you think that that there an increased distance between you and your parents, siblings, or partner because of the past abortion(s)?

Q3: Do you have trouble talking about the abortion issue as a political or current events issue? Do you become anxious or upset when others discuss abortion or you see information about it on the news, etc.? Do you have difficulty discussing the topic in a calm and reasoned manner?

Q4: Do you tend to look at life in terms of “before” and “after” the abortion(s)? Are there traits about your “self” before the abortion that you lost but would wish to regain?

Has the abortion changed the way you look at yourself?

Have you lost interest in taking care of yourself? Have you tried to become less attractive to avoid the risk of becoming involved in a relationship, love, and sex?

Q5: Do you become angry or depressed more easily? Have you experienced “reconnectors” to your abortion, such as nightmares, flashbacks, or hallucinations, such as hearing a baby cry?

Q6: Was there a period after your abortion when you experienced an increase in the use of alcohol or drugs? Have you experienced other forms of emotional deadening?

Have you experienced any suicidal thoughts? Do you take risks that put your life in danger? Have you developed any eating disorders?

Q7: Do you have trouble finding, building, or maintaining good relationships with people of the opposite sex? Do you have trouble with issues of trust and control?

Do you get involved in hurtful or abusive relationships? Do you tolerate abuse because you feel you don’t deserve any better?

Q8: Have you lost the desire for sexual intercourse? Do you have increased pain during intercourse?

Have you become promiscuous because of low self-esteem?

Have you lost a previous desire to have children, or become extremely anxious to have a child as soon as possible?

Q9: Do you experience periods of depression, heightened anxiety or other symptoms during certain months of the year, particularly during the months that would correspond to the month of your abortion or the due date of the aborted pregnancy?

Q10: If you are/were a spiritual or religious person, have you lost your faith? Do you feel afraid of or any at God? Have your rejected your religion for emotional rather than thoughtful reasons?

If you have answered yes to three or more of the previous questions, post-abortion counseling may help or support may help. There are organizations that provide confidential counseling and support, including some who provide free services. You can find a list of these resources (including online resources) and additional help and information on our healing page.


Are You Suffering from Post-Abortion Stress? — 4 Comments

    • Great question. It is daunting to imagine, but it can be done and you are making a great step in even articulating the desire to be whole again.

      As you’ll see there are many great post-abortion programs, most of which are led by women who have been exactly where you are now. Find one close to you. Start sharing your story and burden with them and they will help you on your journey to wholeness.

  1. I wanna know how after 11 years i still hurt i still cry i still remember everything…it gets progressivly worse every Feburary because we would have shared the same birthday.

    • Hi Shannon, thanks for visiting this page. I’m so sorry about the pain you are suffering. Feeling sad and upset around the due date, anniversary of the abortion, etc. is not uncommon. Have you visited our healing page? There are many links there to support groups and other ministries with people you can talk to about this. They want to help! Please know that you don’t have to go through this alone and that there are other women out there who want to support you. Here is a link to the page for more information:

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