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If this publication has been a help to you or someone you love, write to us. Your letters of support will help us obtain the funding we need to continue distributing this publication at little or no cost to others.

PLEASE Help to Spread Hope

To continue this outreach effort, we need your help. Millions of people feel trapped by the secret grief of a past abortion. They need to discover that they are understood and not alone. They also need to be encouraged with our invitation to find healing and peace of heart.

Our goal is to distribute Hope&Healing as a paid advertising insert in college and community newspapers throughout the country.

Every $50 donation enables us to reach about 650 households as we distribute Hope and Healing through community and college newspapers. Your gift may even be doubled through a matching grant. Please send your tax-deductible donation to:

Elliot Institute, PO Box 7348-H, Springfield, IL 62791-7348.

Thank you!

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