Regarding Permission to Reprint

Regarding Permission to Reprint


Unless otherwise noted, all information at this site is copyrighted by the Elliot Institute.


Many people and organizations have requested to reprint our articles or to share them with others on the Internet. We encourage this under the following conditions.

  • First, check the copyright notice on the article.
  • If the material is copyrighted by a third party, there will generally be contact information at the end of the article. Contact that party to request the right to reprint or repost the material.
  • If the material is copyrighted by the Elliot Institute, or does not have an explicit copyright statement (meaning it has a presumed copyright assigned to the Elliot Institute), you may freely reprint the material under the following conditions:
    1. You must provide an accurate notice of the source of the reprinted material. This may the book title from which it is excerpted, the issue and date of publication in The Post-Abortion Review, or as an excerpt from Hope and Healing, or if none of the above apply, simply identify it as a posting from
    2. You must include in the credit the name and address: Elliot Institute, PO Box 7348, Springfield, IL 62791-7348 and the notice “Additional material is posted at”
    3. Finally, please send us a copy of the reprinted material if it is published in a hardcopy form such as in a newsletter or brochure.

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Regarding Permission to Reprint — 6 Comments

  1. Greetings Elliot Institute;

    My name is Dr. Deneen A. Glasco, ordained Chaplain, and I am a recovering victim of an abortion experience, as well as healing from Post-Abortion Syndrome.

    My experience was 25 years ago and I just began my healing process about 4 years ago through the Pregnancy Care Center’s HEART Program, here in Rocky Mount, NC.

    I have been saved by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ since I was 9 years old. I was a Christian when I made the decision to abort the baby. At the time, the father wanted me to keep the baby, despite my wrong decision. So, I had been running from God’s forgiveness for 25 years.

    God has put a burden on my heart to be apart of this ministry. Through the Holy Spirit’s guidance, I have been doing research on Post Abortion Syndrome and it’s effects on women as well as men. Back when I started my research, the Elliot Institute blessed me with so much information, I wish I knew, before I had my abortion.

    God has began a new work in me. I am now in the process of publishing a book called, “I Wish I Knew….” which will be about men and women who are victims of an abortion experience, as well as Post-Abortion Syndrome. I am so excited to see what God is going to do in my life.

    Now, let me get to the reason I am writing to you. I would like to use some of your writings in my book, with your permission, and citing your works as sole owner. I have read your statement of Permission to Reprint or Repost. I agree with the above with your blessings. God is moving in this place of abortion. I believe He has seen His children, men and women, suffer to long, and it’s time for hope and healing.

    I am also been asked by volunteers and members of Theresa Buke’s ministry to be a part of the Richmond Virginia team. My prayer is that this team will help “birth” a new team here in Rocky Mount, NC.

    God’s purpose is for me to speak out as an advocate for men and women who suffer from this secret of abortion. My prayer is that God will move in such a way that society and their ways of thinking, will change. I pray that faith-based groups, churches, and communities will look at this situation as a new birth for healing, and come along side of God to be apart of this ministry. I believe the Elliot Institue will be a great partnership.

    I am presently an Instructor at the college I graduated form, and I have been asked by the Dean, President, and Chancellor, to teach a Master’s level curriculum on Men and Women of Post-Abortion Syndrome.

    With this in mind, I pray that God will continue to use your ministry in a powerful way and I pray the Holy Spirit will cause such a love and compassion to continue to help our men heal. I pray that your servants working with this ministry will manage it in such a way that they will continue to choose the “towel” of washing feet, over, the “robe” of wanting to be recognized.

    Thank you and I pray that I will hear from you soon.

    God Bless you,
    Dr. Deneen A. Glasco, Ordained Chaplain

  2. dear writer i want to take permission from u that i am doing my M.S/ M.phill degree from LAhore college Women University Lahore .Pakistan.. i have chosen the topic related to abortion & post abortion stress. as i have passed through this situation before a month so i developed interest in this that like my own self how other female face this unbearable situation. while reviewing literature i found your study as it is very informative and i just your permission from using your questions in my research as it covers all aspects related to depression that women can face….

    kindly reply me soon through mail i shall be very thankful to you for your response and waiting for your reply so that i ll start my work as soon as possible
    Thank you
    Best Regards

  3. Greetings, I am a travelling Christian minister, and I am developing a sermon series called; ‘the war on children’, which will include approximately 10 lessons. I am working on the fourth part of the series at this time, it is on the subject of abortion.

    I would like to ask permission to use the research from this study, as it would be very beneficial for the ministry, since I will be teaching on television broadcast, and would reproduce the series on recorded videos. I would quote and provide credit to the Elliot Institute as the source of these findings.

    If I am provided with permission for use of copyrighted material I would like to provide feedback and and email regarding the fruit of the teachings and its people reached.

    Thank you, and blessings.

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