Volume 8, 2000

Volume 8, Number 1, January-March 2000

Who’s Making the Choice? Women’s Heightened Vulnerability During a Crisis Pregnancy
How and why women are manipulated into unwanted abortions.

A Generation at Risk: How Teens Are Manipulated Into Abortion
At look at how and why teens are especially vulnerable to coercion.

The Many Faces of Coercion
Startling examples of coerced abortion around the world.

“Hope and Healing” Goes to Washington
Major new post-abortion outreach campaign begins in nation’s capitol.

15th Study Links Abortion and Substance Abuse
Brief review of new study showing five fold higher risk of subsequent substance abuse following abortion.

Volume 8, Number 2, April-June 2000

Abortion Four Times Deadlier Than Childbirth
New Studies Unmask High Maternal Death Rates From Abortion

The Cover-Up
Why U.S. Abortion Mortality Statistics Are Meaningless

Informed Consent Booklets Hide True Risks of Abortion
Laws to protect a woman’s right to know are meaningless and out of date. As a result, women continue to be misled about abortions risks, often with the complicity of public health authorities.

Abortionists Are Not Held Accountable for Mistakes
Emergency room doctor, Lenora W. Berning, describes how and why abortion complications are not reported.

Volume 8, Number 3, July-September 2000

How Bush Can Be BOTH Pro-Life and Pro-Woman
Being pro-life isn’t enough. Discusses how politicians can convey a pro-woman message.
See also Closing the Compassion Gap for a more detailed explanation of why pro-life politicians are failing to connect with the women and men who are hurting because of a past abortion.

The Risks of Choice
A major review of studies documenting the physical and emotional dangers of abortion

Abortion vs. Childbirth
Two new studies evaluate the effects of abortion and childbirth on women’s mental health

Pro-Choice Researchers Recognize PAS
A major new study by abortion advocates confirms that abortion is indeed the underlying cause of PTSD in a minority of women. At least half a million women are projected to be affected by this serious psychological illness.

News Briefs
California Abortionist Pleads Guilty in Abortion Death; Couple Settles Secret Abortion Case With School; Abortion Death Under Investigation in New York; Abortion Clinic Faces Lawsuit Over Illegal Abortion; Mother Accused of Killing Four Daughters After Abortion; Abortion May Be Linked to Iowa Toddler’s Death; Florida Woman Charged in Forced Abortion Case

Volume 8, Number 4, October-December 2000

Divine Mercy in My Soul
A moving testimony of a deep and lasting healing following the trauma of a teenagers abortion.

Is Cerebral Palsy Ever a “Choice?”
An examination of the evidence linking abortion to premature and low-birth weight births that may result in immediate or delayed developmental handicaps, including cerebral palsy. Is this the explanation for the high level of handicaps among black children? Why aren’t women told about this risk?

Victims and Victors
A new book provides women who have become pregnant following rape or incest to voice their own opinions regarding abortion and childbirth

Letters to the Editor

News Briefs
Unborn Baby Helps Mom Survive; Colorado Acupuncturist Charged in Illegal Abortion; Abortionist Back in Business After Prison Term; Iowa Woman Sues Clinic Over Incomplete Abortion; Court Says Woman Can’t Sue Over Coerced Abortion

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