Volume 9

Volume 9, 2001

Volume 9, Number 1, January-March 2001

Detrimental Effects of Adolescent Abortion
An examination of the effects of abortion on teens compared to older women, and the need for parental consent laws.

British Government Orders Murder of Innocents
The perils of the new British cloning law.

Ban on Human Engineering Needed
The Elliot Institute calls for a ban on the cloning and genetic engineering of human beings.

News Briefs
Babysitter Sentenced in Abortion Trauma Death; Doctors Pleads Guilty in Abortion Injection Case; Ex-Football Player Convicted in Abortion-Murder Case; Abortionist Accused of Doing Non-Consensual Abortion; Abortionist Convicted of Extortion, Sued for Malpractice; Arizona Court to Rule on Abortionist’s Lawsuit; Australian Killed Husband After Forced Abortion

Finding Real Peace
Karen’s Story: “Abortion is not something you do and just forget; it is something I will always remember.”

Volume 9, Number 2, April-June 2001

The Protective Effects of Childbirth
Can childbirth actually benefit women’s health? A look at the healthy effects of having children.

Our Prodigal Father, Who Art in Heaven
A reflection on the mercy and love of God.Reviews

Review: The Choice by Chris Jackman
A musical and Scriptural journey to post-abortion healing.

Review: A Solitary Sorrow by Terri Reisser with Paul Reisser
A book on finding healing and wholeness after abortion.

News Briefs
Arizona Abortionist Convicted of Manslaughter; Florida Woman Wins Coerced Abortion Suit; Abortionist Will Not Be Held Liable for Woman’s Death; Michigan Abortionist to Lose Medical License; Philadelphia Abortionist Facing Lawsuit; Teen Says Fake Doctor Botched Her Abortion; Supreme Court Won’t Hear Abortion Regulation Case; Man Gets Life in Prison for Death of Unborn Child; Man Convicted in Forced Abortion Attempt

Suicide Rate Higher After Abortion, Study Shows
Elliot Institute presents findings at international mental health conference.

Post-Abortive Women to Overturn Roe v. Wade
Elliot Institute joins campaign to give post-abortive women their day in court.

Volume 9, Number 3, July-September 2001

A Focus on Hope: How Emphasizing Declining Abortion Rates Enhances Pro-Life Educational Efforts
How falling abortion rates are helping to turn the tide of pro-choice opinion.

The Hard Truth vs. The Soft Sell
Which pro-life approach is best?

The Awakening of African Americans
Pro-lifers can and must build bridges to the African American community.

News Briefs
Kansas Abortionist Not Punished in Consent Case; New Campaign Seeks to Protect Women From Forced Abortions; Florida Woman Sues Clinic Over Forced Abortion; Ms. Magazine Attacks Elliot Institute and Post-Abortion Groups

Volume 9, Number 4, October-December 2001

An Introduction to Forbidden Grief
Learn more about post-abortion trauma and healing in this excerpt from Rachel’s Vineyard founder Dr. Theresa Burke’s forthcoming book.

Always 2
Each abortion always has two victims–the mother and the child.

On the Road to Healing
Kari’s Story: “I would give anything to be able to hold my baby right now.”

News Briefs
U.S. Senate Recognizes Need for Research on Post-Abortion Syndrome; Planned Parenthood Sued for Failing to Warn Women of Abortion/Breast Cancer Link; Man Sentenced for Forced Abortion Attempt; D.C. Medic Had Abortion Out of Fear for Her Job; Canadian Woman Dies After Taking RU-486

All of Abortion’s Dangers Documented in New Book
An annotated bibliography of hundreds of studies on the impact of abortion–right at your fingertips!

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