Detrimental Effects of Abortion

Detrimental Effects of Abortion:
An Annotated Bibliography With Commentary
(Third Edition)

Edited by Thomas W. Strahan

book imageWhy do women have abortions? Is there a higher risk for ectopic pregnancy or infertility problems after abortion? Do any studies show a higher risk of death after abortion compared to childbirth?

These and hundreds of other questions are answered in this book, with citations to original studies. Libraries, pregnancy centers, researchers, students and others can now easily access information on the most hotly-contested social, moral and political topic of our day.

Detrimental Effects of Abortion: An Annotated Bibliography with Commentary (3rd Edition) gives you information on hundreds of studies at your fingertips. This revised and updated third edition is the most complete summary available of statistically significant studies on abortion.

Compiled by attorney and post-abortion expert Thomas W. Strahan, this 276-page reference guide is an indispensable resource for therapists, counselors, medical professionals, students, activists and anyone else interested in post-abortion studies. This is also a great book to donate to schools or library to help educate students and researchers on the detrimental effects of abortion.

Includes More than 1200 Entries in 140 Categories

Study summaries are organized into more than 140 different subtopics, and each entry includes a review of the key findings of the cited study (see the the Table of Contents here).

Major topics covered include:

  • Abortion-Decision Making
  • Standard of Care for Abortion Providers
  • Psychological Effects of Abortion
  • Physical Effects of Abortion
  • Social Effects and Implications of Abortion
  • Abortion and Maternal Mortality
  • Adolescents and Abortion

Supplements, updates and more information about the latest research can also be found online at

Detrimental Effects of Abortion:
An Annotated Bibliography with Commentary (Third Edition)
Compiled by Thomas W. Strahan
Published by Acorn Books an imprint of the Elliot Institute
ISBN: 0-9648957-0-6 $34.95 (paper) 276 pp.

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    • I don’t believe you can, at least not in the United States, where the Supreme Court has ruled that husbands have no rights regarding a wife’s abortion, including her right to keep it secret from him.

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