Reversing the Gender Gap

Reversing the Gender Gap

Touch the Hearts, Earn the Trust, Win the Votes of
30 Million Post-Abortive Women

This is an essential strategy and sound-bite guide for pro-life candidates, lobbyists, and spokespersons.

Now is the time to move beyond the politics of condemning abortion. Now is the time to champion the pro-woman/pro-life strategy for ending abortion in a way guaranteed to help women.

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Every pro-life politician in your state should be given a copy of Reversing the Gender Gap. Please make sure your pro-life group has done so. If they haven’t, get a few friends together and do it yourself!

(These booklets fit easily into a standard  business size envelope for easy mailing with your own cover letter.)

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What Readers Are Saying About Reversing the Gender Gap

“We’ve been waiting for this for a long time! I and countless other post-abortive women have been longing for someone to speak up for us. Pro-life politicians have never really understood how to talk about abortion’s devastation. This approach reaches out to post-abortive women and the millions who care about them.” — Theresa Bonopartis Lumina Post-Abortion Referral Ministry

“Being a pro-life politician just got easier. Leaders who champion the
rights of both women and the unborn are no longer playing defense. Instead,they’re making their opponents defend the indefensible.” —  Congressman Steve King (R – IA)

“This brilliant strategy will break decades of verbal deadlock and help
us all understand what women really want. It teaches public figures how to speak confidently and with sensitivity to post-abortive women. It’s an incredible guide to being radically pro-woman and pro-life.” — Theresa Burke, Ph.D. Rachel’s Vineyard Post-Abortion Ministries

“Coerced abortion is common. Side-effects are serious. Death rates are high . . . Understanding women’s pain, and ending the dual carnage of abortion isn’t a moral compromise, it’s a moral mandate.” — Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

“As a woman who’s had an abortion, it’s not a legal or political issue for me; it’s a personal one. This little book provides the first real honest approach to the abortion issue. It moves past the tired cliches and addresses women’s real concerns. This will get women’s votes.” — Georgette Forney, Silent No More Awareness Campaign

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Every pro-life politician in your state should be given a copy of Reversing
the Gender Gap
. Please make sure your pro-life group has done so, or
form a small committee to do it yourself!

These booklets fit easily into a standard business size envelope for easy
mailing with your own cover letter.

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If you have not yet read Making Abortion Rare: A
Healing Strategy for a Divided Nation
, now is the perfect time. 

Making Abortion Rare provides more complete information on the strategy and implementation of the
materials described in Reversing the Gender Gap.

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