Volume 13

Volume 13, 2005

Volume 13, Number 1, January-March 2005

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Supreme Court Refuses to Hear McCorvey Case

Trauma Symptoms Common After Abortion
64 Percent of Women Report Feeling Pressured Into Abortion

Recent Research
A Fact Sheet Showing Abortion’s Harm to Women (note: for a more updated fact sheet, click here)

When the Freedom to Choose Isn’t
An excerpt from the book Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion

News Briefs
Woman Dies in Philippines After Taking RU-486; Parents Sue After School Gives Morning After Pill to Their Disabled 15-Year-Old Daughter; Michigan Abortionist Charged With Sexual Abuse; Judge Rules Parents Can Sue for Wrongful Death in Destruction of Embryo; Kansas Abortionists Sue Over Criminal Investigation; Woman Dies After Undergoing Abortion in Kansas

Case Study: A Need for Compassion (“Sarah M.”)

Volume 13, Number 2, April-June 2005

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Persecution of Women and Unborn Children Continues Around the World

Be “Courageously Pro-Woman”A quote from Pope John Paul II

Do You Know Where Your Children Are?
Parents and Teens Suffer As Consent Laws Are Ignored, Overturned

Key Facts About Abortion Fact Sheet
Note: For an updated version of this fact sheet, click here

News Briefs
Parents Sue Alaska Hospital for Arranging Abortion for Their 15-Year_old Daughter; Illinois Mother Arrested for Trying To Help Her Daughter Avoid Abortion

A Mother’s Day Letter From a Woman Who Had an Abortion

Volume 13, Number 3, July-September 2005

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New Study Confirm Higher Substance Abuse Rates Among Pregnant Women After Abortion
A study from the British Journal of Health Psychology

Trauma’s Impact on Future Relationships and the Need for Resolution

Inventing a Crisis as a Form of Traumatic Reenactment
An excerpt from the book Forbidden Grief

Book Review
Mom, Dad … I’m Pregnant: When Your Daughter or Son Faces An Unplanned Pregnancy

Forced Abortion: America’s Coerced Abortion Epidemic
Note: For an updated version of this fact sheet, click here. To download our Special Report on Forced Abortion in America, click here.

How to Sow The Seeds of Healing
Ideas for conversation

News Briefs
New RU-486 Warnings Issued as Women’s Death Toll Rises; Judge Won’t Block Parental Notification Law; Chinese Population Control Officials Threaten Hong Kong Woman With Forced Abortion

Volume 13, Number 4, October-December 2005

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New Study: Women Are Three Times More Likely to Die After An Abortion
A study from Paediatr Perinat Epidmiol

New Study Finds Abortion/Child Abuse Link
A study from Acta Paediatrica

Not Even a Statistic?
Some Examples of Uncounted Abortion Deaths in the U.S.

Abortion Depression Study Flawed and Misleading
Experts Dispute Interpretations of Federal Study

New Zealand Study Finds More Abuse Among Aborting Women: Half of Women in Survey Reported Physical or Sexual Abuse
A study from the Australian and News Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

News Briefs
Family Sues Over Woman’s Death from RU-486; Jury Will Decide Planned Parenthood Parental Notification Case, Minnesota Judge Rules, Medics Win Pregnancy Discrimination Case; Teen in Baseball Bat Abortion Case Gets Community Service at CPC

Case Study: Amazing Grace (“Jennifer Norris”)

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