Volume 14

Volume 14, 2006

Volume 14, Number 1, January-March 2006  Download Issue (pdf format)

New Zealand Led by Pro-Choice Researcher Study Finds Increase in Mental Health Problems After Abortion:  A study from the Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry

Evidence of Abortion’s Harm Doesn’t Matter, APA Spokesperson Says

Sleep Disorders Increase After Abortion A study from the journal Sleep

Consensus Isn’t Science: A quote from author Michael Crichton

Elliot Institute Founds Coalition to Regulate Genetic Alteration of Humans

Hostel Territory: Abortion in the Collective Unconscious

Abortion and the “Evil Baby”: An excerpt from the book Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion

Volume 14, Number 2, April-June 2006   Download Issue (pdf format)

Introduction to Giving Sorrow Words, Part I: New Book Reveals Women’s Stories of Grief After Abortion

RU-486 Linked to Population Control in Letter Found in Clinton Files

The “Morning After” Abortion Pill Act

Teen Abortion Risks Fact Sheet (Note: for an updated version of this fact sheet click here (for the shorter version) or here (for the longer version)

Case Study: Finding True Healing (Helene E.)

News Briefs: Missouri Law Increases Penalties Against Abortion Clinics That Don’t Report Sexual Abuse; “Post-Roe” Abortion Ban Passed in Louisiana; “Morning-After Pill” Use Out of Control, Spanish Newspaper Reports

Volume 14, Number 3, July-September 2006 Download Issue (pdf format)

Women Want to Know About Abortion Risks: A study from the Journal of Medical Ethics

“Unwanted” Births Better Than Abortion For Teens: A study from the Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Teens and Abortion

Introduction to Giving Sorrow Words, Part II: New book reveals women’s stories of grief after abortion

Vegetative State May Be Caused By Brain Cooling from Cold Air in Breathing Tubes: A study from the Medical Science Monitor

Volume 14, Number 4, October-December 2006

Note: The files for this issue of the Post-Abortion Review have been lost due to technical problems. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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