Volume 16

Volume 16, 2008

Volume 16, Number 1, January-March 2008

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Study Finds High Rates of PTSD Among Women Who Had Abortions
A study from the journal BMC Psychiatry

What Women Want
Hint: Not Reproductive Healthcare

“Living Is Hell for Me”
Woman’s Death Part of Dangerous Trend of Unwanted Abortions, Post-Abortion Trauma

Men, Abortion and Suicide

Case Study: All I Wanted Was My Baby (Jill)

News Briefs
Abortionist Gives Up License After Woman’s Death; Texas Law Upholds Unborn Victims Law

Volume 16, Number 2, April-June 2008

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Risk Factors Shut Down Abortion Businesses in South Dakota
Planned Parenthood Closes Rather Than Inform Women of Abortion Complications

Chair of Abortion Report Task Force Violates APA Ethics Rules
Lead Author Refuses to Release Data Collected Under Federal Grant

Study Gives Further Proof of Abortion-Depression Link
A study from the Scandinavian Journal of Public Health

New Website Serves as Clearinghouse for Post-Abortion Information

Includes World’s Most Extensive Bibliography on Abortion Complications

Case Study: So Much of Me Died (Mary)

News Briefs
Athlete Who Refused Abortion Wins Bronze Medal at Olympics; WIC Program Has Ties to Planned Parenthood