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  1. I am trying to find out the % of total American abortions that were necessary to “save the mother’s life” which is the blanket motto of Hillary Clinton and all pro-abortion promoters. So far I have found no site giving that information. I think that FACT could be the most needed for Pro-Lifers.

    • You raise a good question, Nancy. It’s a question abortion providers don’t want to answer. According to the Guttmacher Institute, only 1.2 percent of abortions (about 15,000 per year) take place after 20 weeks of gestation. And of these, a good portion are due to partner abandonment or parental pressure. Another chunk are due to an adverse diagnosis of fetal development or simply fear of a fetal defect after exposure to some drug, for example. Only a minuscule number of these late term abortions are done with the intent of saving the woman from a dying from complications of pregnancy.

      But even that small number of “life saving” abortions is called into question by the fact that the best medical evidence reveals that of the few women who die of disease while pregnant it appears that there not even one cause of death which can be prevented by abortion (see “Therapeutic abortion: the medical argument.” Ir Med J. 1982 Aug;75(8):304-6.) Here’s a quick example. Abortion is often recommended for pregnant women who are diagnosed with cancer. But there is zero evidence that those who have abortions are more likely to beat cancer or survive compared to those who refuse abortion.

      The lack of medical evidence of any benefit from abortion (in saving women’s lives) is further magnified by the fact that record linkage studies have proven that abortion is associated with a decline in overall health and increase in short and longer term mortality rates among women exposed to abortion. There is even a dose effect, with the negative effects on longevity multiplied with each exposure to abortion.

      The real reason doctors recommend abortion for pregnant women facing a disease is that abortion makes it easier for the doctor to focus on just her disease. Abortion instantly reduces the number of patients doctors have to worry about by half. After an abortion, they no longer have to avoid treatments which may hurt the baby. Plus, they no longer have about lawsuits in the unlikely event the baby will be born any birth defects, which may or may not be associated with their treatment decisions.

      In short, many, if not most, “therapeutic” abortions are of more benefit to the doctor’s interests than the woman’s interests.

      I should also point out that it is also very clear in the medical literature that women who undergo a “therapeutic” abortion experience the highest rates of depression, grief, guilt, divorces, and other psychological problems because they are aborting a late term pregnancy, have bonded more with their baby, and did not “freely choose” to abort but felt obligated to abort for therapeutic reasons. So even if a doctor is convinced abortion is necessary to safe a woman’s life, he or she should fully disclose to the patient and her family the risks a “therapeutic” abortion may pose to her future peace of mind.

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