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Trademark Issues

The Elliot Institute is claiming a trademark on the slogans “Poor-Choice” and “Poor Choice” as of the March 2003 when the Elliot Institute first began promoting the use of this phrase.

Why? So we can give it over to the public domain to make sure you have the right to use it in any advertising you may do.

You do notneed to contact us or request permission to use this slogan in any of your advertising or public educations efforts. In fact, we would rather you didn’t, as it just chews up valuable time. We would, however, appreciate seeing samples or photos of how you have used it.

(Send to Elliot Institute, PO Box 7348, Springfield, IL 62791)

We want any and all to use the phrase, but we will object if anyone attempts to lay a claim to the phrase that would prevent others from using it. In other words, we claim first rights only so no one else can and might thereby restrict the rights of others.

For example, has used two of our ideas for bumper stickers that they are selling. We have granted them permission to use it without any compensation or royalty. We are happy to see them using it and earning a profit from its use. Our trademark, however, prevents them from having any legal claim to prevent other bumper sticker companies from creating and selling similar bumber stickers with the same text.

Since VictoryWon respects and acknowledges our trademark claim, they have graciously noted it on their bumper stickers, even including a link to our web site with the trademark notification in the form of “TM 2003” We would appreciate, but not require, if you would do the same.

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