Titles of Talks Given by David C. Reardon

Titles of Talks Given by David C. Reardon

I’ve given well over a hundred presentations on post-abortion related issues. Below are some of the titles which will give you ideas for titling my talk for your group. The titles also either major or minor variations in my presentations.

These titles are organized into five general categories. Category 1 and 2 always involve some overlap. If the audience is mostly just interested in the facts about how abortion hurts women, I will still spend at least a small amount of time on how this knowledge should lead us to help others. Conversely, even if the focus is on post-abortion healing and the injury is already generally understood by the audience, I will quickly run through a review of post-abortion trauma and the challenges shame, guilt and denial present to healing, outreach, and conversion.

Similarly, talks focused on Category 3 will include an overview of Category 1. If the audience is limited to legislators, little if anything will be addressed from Category 2 topics. For more general audiences, Category 2 will also be touched upon since post-abortion healing and conversion is a vital part of our strategic goal.

For most of my speaking engagements, I give a Category 3 talk trying to give an overview of both 1,2, and 3 material. While it is impossible to do a thorough job covering all three topics in a single hour (much less 40 minutes), the response from audiences and sponsors has always been very positive. If the opportunity is available, however, it is better to have two talks. In the first talk I cover Category 1 and some of 2. In the second talk, I cover the strategic issues education, legislation, and post-abortion outreach.

Please let me know what you believe would be most appropriate for your audience.

1. Understanding Post-Abortion Problems

“Understanding the Pain of Abortion”

“Post Abortion Trauma and the Struggle Toward Healing”

“Understanding the Spiritual Effects of Post-Abortion Trauma”

“Abortion Trauma and Our Duty to be Healers”

“What Does Abortion Really Do For Women?”

“Abortion as an Act of Despair”

“Post-Abortion Trauma: The Roe Legacy”

“The Journey After Abortion”

“Abortion’s Impact on Women, Men and Families”

2. How to Promote Healing and Conversion

“The Church’s Healing Ministry to Post-Abortive Women and Men”

“Post-Abortion Healing: A Ministry of Divine Mercy”

“Preaching on Abortion: Why, How, and to Whom”

“Post-Abortion Outreach Through Mass Media”

“Pastors & Media: The Key to Post-Abortion Outreach”

“Post-Abortion Outreach Through Churches: A Calling for Pastors”

“Creating a Healing Environment for Post-Abortive Women and Men: A Pastoral, Social & Political Strategy”

3. How to End Abortion

“A Three Pronged Strategy for Ending Abortion”

“Understanding Post-Abortion Trauma: The Key to the New Pro-Life Strategy”

“Ending Abortion with Compassion”

“A Healing Strategy for A Divided Nation”

“A New Legislative Approach to Ending Surgical and Chemical Abortions”

“Strategic Implications of Post-Abortion Issues”

“Post-Abortion Issues: The Key to Healing and Victory”

“Saving Women from Unwanted Abortions”

“Abortion: Destroying Women, Destroying Women’s Rights”

4. More Narrowly Focused Topics

“Spreading Abortion Abroad: The Secret Goal of the Push for RU-486”

“The Impact of Abortion on Rape Victims”

“Arguing the ‘Hard Cases’: Abortion for Rape, Incest, and Birth Defects”

“Back Alley Abortions versus Legal Abortions: Which Are More Dangerous?”

“Back Alley Abortions: Rumors and Realities”

“How Abortion Law is Effected by Post-Abortion Issues”

“A Basic Understanding of Post-Abortion Issues for Health Care Workers”

5. Reports on Academic Research

“Abortion and Self-Destructive Behaviors”

“Abortion and Subsequent Substance Abuse”

“Predictive Risk Factors of Post-Abortion Maladjustment: Clinical, Legal and Ethical Implications”

“Differential Impact of Abortion on Adolescents and Adults”

“Finding the Flaws in Pro-Abortion Research: A Critique of Major Studies Used to Defend Abortion as Safe”

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