Radio Interview: The Center Against Forced Abortions

The Center Against Forced Abortions (CAFA), a project of the Justice Foundation, provides legal help to pregnant mothers and helps them exercise their right to continue the pregnancy. CAFA provides legal assistance and training for pregnancy centers and other ministries, and documents to help enforce the rights of the mother to have her child.

Allan Parker of the Justice Foundation discusses CAFA in this interview on Ken Freeman’s Monday Minute:

In the interview, Parker states his group wants “to get the word out all across America that no one can legally force you to have an abortion against your will, no matter how old you are or young you are.”

Parker also points out during the interview that in some cases, an abortion counselor will not know if a woman or girl is being coerced or forced to abort because nothing is said about it at the facility. This “no questions asked” policy points to the need for legislation — such as that recently passed in South Dakota and Nebraska — that would hold abortionists accountable for failing to screen for coerced or forced abortions.

CAFA’s resources include a letter that a girl or woman can give to her parents or others informing them that she has the legal right to continue her pregnancy and outlines legal penalties they may face for forcing an abortion. It also includes a letter to abortionists informing them that a girl or woman is being forced to abort and cannot legally consent to the procedure and what the legal consequences of going ahead without her consent would be.

Learn more about CAFA and download their resources here. For more information or if you or someone you know is facing a coerced or forced abortion, contact CAFA at (210) 614-7157 or

For more resources and organizations that can help during pregnancy or after abortion, download our Help & Healing Guide.

Learn more/share more: For more information on coerced and forced abortions, download and share our special report, Forced Abortion in America. You can make copies, email it to others, or post it to your web site, blog, Facebook or Twitter feed, or other social networking sites. Let others know about this hidden epidemic.

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