Man Killed by Family Planning Officials in China, Rights Group Reports

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers Condemns U.S. Support for One-Child Policy

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, an organization that opposes forced abortion and sexual slavery in China, is reporting that a man was stabbed to death as he attempted to stop family planning officials from beating his father. The officials were apparently seeking to take the man’s sister for a forced sterilization. From the group’s blog:

… On the night of March 21, 2011, near the home of blind activist Chen Guangcheng, a Family Planning Official stabbed a young man to death while he was trying to protect his father from a beating.  Family Planning Officials entered the home of Mr. Xu Shuaishuai looking for his sister to seize her for a forced sterilization.  When they could not find Mr. Xu’s sister, they beat and injured his father.  When Mr. Xu tried to defend his father, one of the Family Planning Officials stabbed Mr. Xu in the heart twice with a long knife.  Mr. Xu died on the way to the hospital.

Local government authorities have not apologized to the family of Mr. Xu, nor have they arrested the murderer.  The local news agencies have declined to report on the murder.

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers condemned the situation, saying:

The murder of Mr. Xu underscores the brutality of the coercive enforcement of China’s One Child Policy.  The first level of coercion is directed against the women themselves.  In this case the Family Planning Officials came to Mr. Xu’s home to seize his sister for a forced sterilization.  The violence, however, extends to family members, including siblings, parents and even elderly grandparents. …

This family planning murder is a shocking and extreme example of the way in which the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] uses the seemingly innocuous “One Child Policy” to terrorize the people of China, but every day coercive family planning presses fear into the hearts of the Chinese people.  Women who become pregnant without a birth permit — illegally pregnant – are terrified of discovery and forced abortion.  Fathers feel helpless to protect their wives and children.  Paid informants – friends, neighbors, co-workers — tear down trust in Chinese society.  Family members can be detained and tortured.

The group also noted that the one-child policy is supported by contributions from the international community, including the United States:

We (the people of the United States, England, and other nations) are helping finance the infrastructure used in coercive family planning in China. The international community funds UNFPA (United Nations Family Planning Fund), as well as IPPF (the International Planned Parenthood Federation), and Marie Stopes International. These organizations are operative “abortion providers” in China. In 2008, then Secretary of State Colin Powell found that UNFPA was complicit in coercive family planning in China. And the IPPF website openly declares, “The China Family Planning Association (CFPA) plays a very important role in China’s family planning programme.  It supports the present family planning policy of the government, which is appropriate for the present national situation . . .”  Meanwhile, the website for Marie Stopes International, lists as “major partners” the Family Planning Commissions of several provinces in China.

According to UNFPA’s annual report for 2009, the U.S. was one of its top donors, with a contribution of $46,100,000.

Read the rest of the post from Women’s Rights Without Frontiers.

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