Prenatal Testing and Coerced Abortion

The Witherspoon Institute’s Public Discourse blog has a good article on the new prenatal test for Down Snydrome and the link to abortion, noting the relationship to coerced abortion. From the article, The New Prenatal Testing Sham, by Mark W. Leach:

Since 2007, the professional recommendation has been for all expectant mothers to be offered prenatal testing for Down syndrome. A study issued the previous year found that almost half of all obstetricians admitted that their training on prenatal testing was “barely adequate” or “non-existent.” Studies since have shown that prenatal testing for Down syndrome overwhelmingly does not respect a woman’s autonomy. At best, less than half of all expectant mothers make an informed decision in accepting prenatal testing. The most likely outcome following a positive prenatal test, abortion, is rarely mentioned until a positive diagnosis, and then in a rushed, hurried, and often coercive fashion. … [emphasis added]

Read the entire article here. The end of the piece includes links to resources for parents who have received a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome.

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