Why I Support the Elliot Institute, and Why You Should, Too

Okay. Let’s be brutally honest.

We are not that good at fund raising. 

In fact, we barely get by, with fewer than 330 donors per year.

On the other hand, those who do support us really do “get it.”

So, maybe you can do a better job of explaining why others should also support our efforts.

Please tell us why you support our work below, whether financially, or by prayer, or by sharing our work with others.

And if you can make a compelling pitch why others should do so too, please do!

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Why I Support the Elliot Institute, and Why You Should, Too — 11 Comments

  1. We support The Elliot Institute because they have the best statistics and gathering of information on the pain of legal abortion and its aftermath on women and men. We always share their website link on our brochures and website too.

    Dr. Reardon and his team are doing excellent work and great campaigns to show how legal abortions hurt women physically and psychologically…therefore I encourage you to support this awesome ministry that brings education and awareness to the forefront and gives us the ammunition to prove how hideous this diabolical procedure really is.

    Thank you, and God bless the Elliot Institute and their whole team and supporters!

    Denise Mountenay
    Canada Silent No More
    107 Discovery Ave. Morinville, AB. T8R 1N1, Canada
    Email: dmountenay@shaw.ca

  2. I used research information from the Elliot Institute when I was in college doing a paper for a speech class. I attended an all women’s college as an adult in continuing education weekend bachelors degree program. Women, young and older, in my class were surprised, shocked and concerned at the perspectives of post abortion women and the degree of coercion and abuse that has gone on. It is not a view commonly promoted. They were equally upset at the statistics from the research on abortion and the broad spectrum of effects it has had on women, families and society. I know that the impact on those 30 women in that class were passed along to others for a greater awakening of people in America to the concerns of the situations of women and abortion.
    God’s blessings are with you in this work to support women, families and the unborn.

  3. When I think of the Elliot Institute, I think of the biblical contrast between the house built on rock that can withstand any storm and the house built on sand that collapses in the slightest sign of wind and rain. From our beginnings, you were a model for us because of what you had already accomplished in the way of serious research, while so many others wasted precious resources on superficial activism. We’re in a war of ideas, not a political skirmish, and the ultimate victor will be those who have the depth and richness of truth on their side. No one has contributed more to that than the Elliot Institute. You deserve a budget ten times bigger than the one you have. This is surely the most critical investment opportunity of the millennium. If we lose, it’s the end of Judeo-Christian civilization. If we win, it’s the opening to a great, new future. The outcome – now still very much in doubt — is in the hands of those willing to invest wisely.

  4. I am so thankful that the Elliot institute “affirms” the reality of post abortion grief and all that it entails. I am so thankful that the Elliot institutes stands against the lie
    that the death of a baby in the womb doesn’t matter, isn’t a child, isn’t that important.
    I am so thankful that the Elliot institute is dedicated to telling the truth and uniting
    other pro-life workers to stand against false “politically correct” jargon. The Elliot
    Institute saves lives!

  5. FACT: When a woman becomes pregnant her life changes forever. It doesn’t matter what her circumstances are or what she does with the pregnancy. Her life has changed.

    The choice a woman makes regarding an unplanned pregnancy can begin a cycle of self destruction. Very few outreaches are available to those who regret the decision to terminate their pregnancy. Elliot Institute is one source that can help you on the road to healing. Reach out and let them hold your hand.

    The choice to abort is a short term solution with long term ramifications. Elliot Institute is dedicated to researching the after effects of abortion. You can learn what “they” don’t want you to know. You can make your life better and stronger through their research and assistance.

    A miscarriage is a sad event where the mother-to-be can grieve openly and seek solace from friends and family. An abortion is a sadder event where the mother-to-be suffers in silence. She can share her grief with no one. Friends and family are unavailable and she is abandoned by those who pressured her into “her” decision. Elliot Institute can open the doors to healing and understanding your loss. They are the friend you need at this time in your life.

    If abortion is a woman’s choice, why are men allowed to vote on the subject?

    True choice: Contraception today or consequences tomorrow.

  6. As you read this, a Florida girl is being forced/pressured to abort by her own father. Per Allan Parker at the Justice Foundation, she is weeping regularly and being forced to do all the housework with a 10-pound bag of sugar. She was told she will be kicked out of the house when the baby is born. JF is seeking an attorney to go to court and find a maternity home for her.

    Pray for her and others like her – among many reasons we do what we do on a threadbare budget. The public has been told it’s “pro-choice,” yet evidence from the Elliot Institute et. al. indicates most (not all, not some, but most) abortions are unwanted or coerced. This is an assault on BOTH women and babies’ rights. It is a human rights abuse. It is professional negligence among any gatekeepers/guides involved. It is wrongful death – often times two, because women are killed or die post-abortion, too. Silence isn’t an option.

    Use the respectfully presented, evidence-based materials from the Elliot Institute to challenge leaders, lawmakers and bystanders.

    1) save lives TODAY of those coerced or deceptively sold, (http://www.theunchoice.com/coerced.htm)
    2) stop abuses TODAY, (http://www.theunchoice.com/forcedabortion.htm)
    3) educate the public that women are dying, too (http://www.theunchoice.com/unsafedeath.htm)
    4) end abortion TOMORROW by helping those at risk or already hurt; educating the public; documenting the harm to challenge leaders and lawmakers to defend the authentic rights and lives of both women and babies.

    Free evidence-based educational materials: http://www.theunchoice.com based on Elliot Institute et. al. research Please donate if you can, and/or tell a friend.

  7. Abortion Information Services is a phone counseling line that’s been active for 27 years. We have always benefited from Dr. Reardon’s work, because abortion is not only a spiritual decision –it is a psychological, medical, biological, and scientific decision as well. Women and men who are not open to a discussion of how an abortion can affect their faith lives are often open to learning how abortion can hurt them in other ways. The Elliot Institute gives us tools to help us educate people about the dangers of abortion. For those who choose abortion anyway, his work points them toward healing. The incredible mix of logic, rationality, science, biology, psychology and faith, coupled with an ability to communicate that knowledge in a a credible, compassionate and understandable manner, is a rare gift. Dr. Reardon is that gift.

  8. The Elliot Institute is an organization that I know can be trusted to provide the truth about abortion. The clients we serve in a pregnancy resource center need to be able to trust us to provide them with truthful facts so that they can make an informed decision. Elliot Institute does this and so much more. They treat the subject of abortion and its impact on women, men and their families in a sensitive yet realistic way. I have used their website and its resources in countless ways from teaching an adult Sunday School lesson on the sanctity of life, to speaking to churches and civic groups about the “secret sin” that is so rampant in our nation.
    As a recent new monthly supporter of the Elliot Institute, I urge everyone who has heart for hurting women to give to this life saving ministry. As our nation continues to slide down the slippery slope of “it’s all about me-ism”, it is imperative that we stand in the gap for those who cannot yet speak for themselves.

  9. We have supported Elliott Institute financially, prayerfully and by training post-abortion ministries to use your form, A Survey of Disclosure Practices in Abortion Clinics. It is healthy for healed post abortion women to “seek justice,” not revenge, by helpig to prevent abortionists from hurting other women as they have been hurt.
    Your form has been available in our leader’s guide, Facilitating Biblical Healing, since 1998 and we train many ministry leaders across the US to collect and send in these complaints about deceptive practices in abortion clinics in order to help you urge state attorney generals to intervene on behalf of women under the consumer protection laws of ther states.

    Our ministry, Abortion Recovery Assistance of Piedmont Women’s Center, also depends upon your reports about the broad, truthful and accurate research you do on many abortion topics to help keep us informed and up to date. Thank you Elliott Institute for all you do for us foot soldiers!

  10. First off the reason I support this foundation in my thoughts and actions is because I’m impacted by family actions. I’ve had a cousin who thought about it and she chose life after my grandma told her the truth (and unfourtantlly she passed on back in May but had a good life). She chose life and she also had helped with the special olympics with her husband and she gave me more of a personal insight into why she chose life and she has helped me (a long with my fiance who is male and against abortion as well) to stand on my two feet when I’ve been hurt by my immediate house hold family members and on the opposite side of the fence.

    It sucks standing alone but I don’t stand alone because of all the support I get from people like my lover and all of the people in the world who are against abortion as well. My parents are together but I’m only going to say that we don’t have the same views on the subject and I’ve been hurt after I learned what happened before I came into their lives. I also have downs syndrome and it left more of a emotional toll on me because I’ve always wanted children (I’m not having any because I got my tubes tied for a few reasons and one of them because of our (mine and my hunny’s) mild disabilities and because it might’ve caused worse issues for the child and also because I’m against abortion and he is to) and I was ticked for months and still am.

    I Know I shouldn’t be but I’m because I would’ve liked to have met my older sibling and because I’ve been told it’s a loss of dreams my parents had for me because of the diagnoses of downs. Don’t do this to you self because children are a gift and regardless if you want them or not you still have contact with others kids and they are in pain to just as much if not more than you know.

    Abortion also leads to mental retardation if the child survives it and thats no way to live, trust me I KNOW. My mom didn’t abort me but I can also tell she wanted me but wanted a child that didn’t come with a disability (and no child comes with a read me file on child rearing let alone raseing a child with a diagnoses of downs etc…). It sucks but abortion is not the answer when it comes to this uncharted path that only 5 to 10 million people experiance, that’s more pain than abortion could ever cause. It’s double when you have a diagnoses of a disability when the child isn’t old enough to survive outside of the uterus and their aborted out of selfishness. That’s sad and pathetic but they should also have a chance at life and let nature complete its course.

    So in closing let’s all support the Elliot institute and stop this once and for all because it’s not worth it and because abortion kills both the mother and child in most cases. All children have a right to life but if you don’t want them than don’t spread your legs open and come crying to people who will only push you to abortion or suicide. Those people are the ones who will have to answer to their maker for their actions in this life time sooner than they think no matter what you believe. Children with mental retardation can always be given to others who have the heart to raise them or put in group homes or institutions annonmuslly with a notice of I want no contact with them or I don’t want them to find me. That’s better than aborting them. It’s cold I know and I’m one to talk but it really is better than abortion and offing yourself or your child. Thanks for your time and be safe and remember ABORTION IS A UNCHOICE and UNSAFE.

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