Giving Thanks for You

To our supporters:

Tomorrow we will be counting our blessings. And we here at the Elliot Institute will be numbering you among those blessings.

 So it seems appropriate to send this note of thanks for your support. Perhaps your support took the form of a financial gift, sharing our materials, telling others about our work, or praying for us.

 You have helped us to accomplish many things in the past year, including the publication of two major new studies debunking the myth that abortion is safer than childbirth. We know that these studies will help change minds on abortion and save lives.

 For whatever you can do, or have done, please know how thankful we are! We will be remembering and thanking God for you, not only on Thanksgiving Day but every day. Please keep us in your prayers, and know that you and your loved ones are in ours.

 Happy Thanksgiving, and Thank You from the Elliot Institute!

P.S. Please remember us if you are shopping online for “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” deals by using and making us your designated charity. Up to 20 percent of your purchases at more than 2,500 participating online retailers will be donated to us.

 To make it easier, download the GoodSearch toolbar so that donations from your purchases will automatically be applied to us. Many retailers also offer special coupons and discounts for GoodSearch users. You can help us at no cost to yourself while doing the things you already do online!

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